marlene mountain
book review 2003


Jane Reichhold

probably – ‘real’ renga sorta (one-line linked haiku) by
Marlene Mountain & Francine Porad. Saddle-stapled, 5.5 x
8.5, 32 pages, illustrated by Francine Porad, $11.00 plus S&H $1.50.

Of all the books in this batch for reviewing, this one offers the most
material on its few pages and what a bounty this is! The reader is taken
on a jolly ride across the landscape of modern life by two very witty
writers who are so at home with the haiku form they can say
anything, and often do! No sacred cow is left unmilked or popular idol
left without exposed clay feet. The quick exchanges often switch from
the sublime to the ridiculous from line to line but are always linked by
a sense of truth and heart-felt honesty. Marlene and Francine are a
perfectly matched set of renga partners (not an easy thing to find)
who are changing our concept of the form day by day as they write.
Each set of facing pages contains a complete 36-link renga with the
verses written in one line. Readers of Lynx will recognize the format
and many of the renga, but how good to have them compiled and
arranged together between the covers of a book. There are more of the
renga from this book in this issue of Lynx so check them out and do
consider getting the book with all them.

Lynx 28:1 february 2003

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