marlene mountain



(from back cover of TRIO OF WRENS Book Four)

Kris Kondo

Kris has been painting and writing verses for as long as she can remember and intends to continue for as long as she can remember and beyond. She has judged and been judged, won but never lost whether entering or not. Her work speaks for itself just as her children are very outspoken. She can be surprised, delighted, and even sometimes a little shocked by what has flowed through her.


Marlene Mountain

Marlene likes to play with haiku definitions/non-definitions. Here are two:

a word or small gathering of words which attempts to express an individual's evolving consciousness of self, of others, and of the universe. 5/20/88

a relatively short poem/non-poem expressible if shared with others in a variety of visual configurations if written and in a variety of tones if spoken or sung which flows or is contrived in response to what one sees, hears, touches, smells, etc, and in particular to what one thinks and feels at a given time within any aspect of one's personal development. 8/26/98

Francine Porad

Former President of the Haiku Society of America; eight-year editor of Brussels Sprout, international journal of haiku and art. She lives, writes and paints in the Seattle, WA area. Porad is a prolific writer whose haiku are in current issues of publications world-wide, an award winner, a lecturer, and a juror of many national and international
haiku/senryu/tanka competitions. 'No one can possibly enjoy my haiku as much as I. Each is a memory which has remained clear and intact, some even after half a century.'

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