marlene mountain
reviews of mm
carlos colon
may 31 2001


From: 'Carlos Colon'
To: 'marlene mountain'
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 20:58:40 -0500

Hi, Marlene.

Although I don't agree with Bill, for a moment let's look at what I believe
his stance is: that your political/sociological 'haiku' are not 'haiku' at
all. Well, even if we take that 'conclusion' of his as fact, I'm not sure
what he calls your many poems about you & nature & diggin', etc.
From my perspective, I believe he doesn't have a good enough
grasp of your work in the past 10 years.

And those who believe you are so wrapped up in politics and
sociology that you have lost your sense of humor are off base, too.
I wish I had time (which I unfortunately don't) to go back through
all the poems I have received from you since 1994 and prove
that you have written a number of timeless poems that most
people would classify as haiku or senryu using Bill's
standard. And I bet I could prove you ain't lost your sense
of humor, either!!

Seems to me the following poem (as an example) is pretty
Issa-istic or Basho-ian (depending on your leanings):

        garden patches a drizzle and i outwait each other

Don't give up the 'lip'!!



[Used with permission]


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