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ryu yotsuya
june 6 2001

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From: 'loupe'
To: 'marlene mountain'
Subject: Re: to share/higginson to mm
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 23:42:18

Dear Marlene,

Thank you for forwarding Higginson's mail. His English is a little difficult for me, but I understand its outline.

> But for most of two-plus decades, you have been
> sending poems that are not related to haiku, not
> related to Japanese-style linked poetry, not

I don't know your exact bio-bibliography, therefore I don't see if Higginson's statement is true or not. One thing I can say is that, for us, you are not an outsider, but you are in the center of American haiku. When I talk about haiku in English with English-speaking or Japanese people, your name always comes up to our lips. It even seems that your haiku represent the English haiku.

I have read your 'the old tin roof' several times, and each time your poems give me fresh surprise. I am grateful to you for showing me such an overflowing source.

In Japan, since two or three years ago, haiku in foreign languages have attracted considerable attention. But introduced and translated poems are an uneven mixture of the brilliant and the mediocre; Japanese poets, those who don't understand English in particular, cannot know if English haiku is worth appreciating. I believe that your haiku can be the 'core of American haiku's evangelism'. Your work should be translated in Japanese. I want to realize this task, though a little more time is necessary for us. If you publish all your haiku works, it will be a great encouragement for our research. Please have confidence in your poetry and go your own way.


Ryu Yotsuya


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