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Raymond Roseliep:

A short division exercise is what Marlene Wills [Mountain] is asking of us in her title poem:

moment moment/moment

If we select a moment of our perceiving senses, enter that into human and natural phenomena before us, we arrive at a single moment of heightened awareness. That's what haiku is . . .

Altogether 21 surprises await in this fabulous, bold, brilliant division of moments. Though such haiku are not for beginner writers, they should nonetheless be accessible to both once the character and spirit of haiku are thoroughly grasped. The stress of visual haiku is on the isness of things and our own creating emotional response to isness.


Book Description: A collection of haiku and visual haiku by Marlene Mountain, formerly known as Marlene Wills.

From the Publisher: These haiku leap off the page into the space of your imagination.

[[and preying mantis Ray Roseliep (from Modern Haiku) 'touchmenot' and poemcard #11 'praying mantis' reproduced 'fabulous still life visual haiku' Catalog #2 spring 1982 Catalog #1 spring 1980 review (same as above)]]

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