marlene mountain
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[w/virginia brady young & michael mcclintock]
february 1975-january 1976 abandoned


[w/elizabeth s lamb veronique mcnalley
melodee unthank jan bostok anna vakar
frances hatfield kris young]
november 1978-december 1980

Modern Haiku 20:1 1989

as the fog thickens
[w/hiroaki sato & geraldine little]
october 1980-june 1981

Brussels Sprout 2:1 1981

our yard our neighbor's yard
[w/gary hotham & alan gettis]
october 1981-march 1985

Wind Chimes #17 1985; Raw Nervz Haiku 2:3 1995

4 sale
[w/michael dudley]
september 1985-april 1987

Poetry Canada 10:1 1989


it's like a heat wave
[w/trapped truth society]
august 2-9 1998
mm's: not the heat the humidity
Sunday at Four 7:2 1998; Lynx 13:3 1998

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