marlene mountain
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The Trapped Truth Society August 2-9 1998

it's like a heat wave

Across the porch
Crunch of cooked
Crape myrtle blossoms

Melissa J. Fowle

not the heat the humidity

Marlene Mountain

summer drought
the evergreens
a brittle brown

Carlos Colon

Tadpole pool
low water line
population in decline

Theresa Mormino

Hit the Pool!

Ken Howard

Drinking from
blue blown glass goblets
makes the ice colder

Kathryn Usher

hot thighs and buns
picnic on a blanket
  it were more
  than just me

Paul Curtis Carroll, Jr.

makeup runs in rivulets
mascara layered lashes
stuck to my upper lid
I'm Grizabella from 'Cats'!

Theresa Mormino

Humidity Hell
Even my sweat
is sweating

Jeffrey L. Salter


Ken Howard

through the knothole
ghost of the moon

Alexis K. Rotella


Written for a Downtown Neon Saturday Night Window display in Shreveport, Louisiana. Each link was written independently, using only the title of a song by Martha and the Vandellas as an inspiration.) The poem was exhibited in a downtown window display from August 9-September 9, 1998 as part of Downtown Neon Saturday Nights (DNSN). The actual August celebration of DNSN was on August 15, 1998. Publication credits below: Mountain, Marlene w/Rotella, Alexis K.; Colon, Carlos; The Trapped Truth Society 'It's Like a Heat Wave' Lynx XIII:3, 1998 Mountain, Marlene w/Rotella, Alexis K.; Carlos Colon; The Trapped Truth Society 'It's Like a Heat Wave'

Lynx 13:3 1998; Sunday at Four 7:2 1998


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