marlene mountain
other-line linked haiku

other-line linked haiku   november 1978-december 1980

marlene mountain, elizabeth s lamb (usa), veronique mcnalley (africa), melodee unthank, jan bostok (australia), anna vakar (canada), frances hatfield (mexico), kris young (japan)



seeing her first
through grandmother's faded curtain
                      the new moon

mm 11/8/78

pale green wings of the luna moth
how they fold together then open

esl 11/13/78

along the boardwalk
     shop windows still boarded up
     the honk of wild geese

lad 12/28/78

a festering moon bloodies her bedding

vm 1/4/79

your breath
woke me
in early morning

mu 1/16/79

the cicada's cry
pierces my carapace

jb 2/22/79

make way for turtles!
the wild woman of Borneo
crosses the street

av 5/4/79

dark ponds waking, around shells,
orifices, space rounding

fh 5/21/79

in the paddy fields
mud up to the shoulders

ky 6/22/79

slowly into the tub slowly into herself

mm 7/24/79

lifting the bucket
she adjusts her hard hat and steps
onto the catwalk

esl 8/13/79

slim singers avoiding thorns
she cuts the long-stemmed rose

lad 9/13/79

tear in the sheet
my feet feel for it


the stepping stone
my pulse


the sun moving through wounded pastels

vm 8/8/80

i reach for the moon and find her within

mm 8/17/80

kicking violently
the baby turning over
avoids a breach birth


striving for co-existence
maguey and cactus
crowding my pathway ahead

fh 11/12/80

the river splits at the island rock

av 12/2/80

in the dark waters
her pale face

esl 12/28/80


Modern Haiku 20:1 1989

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