marlene mountain
painting series 15
'cross words'
exhibition statement and titles
august 1985


cross words

painting series fifteen
cross words
august 1985 (13 paintings, 24 x 24")

1) barfly
2) crabapple
3) backdoor
4) madam
5) hottotrot
6) broad
7) had
8) mrs
9) pedestal
10) fangs
11) divideandconquer
12) motherblame
13) oldmasters

drawings, spring 1985, 2nd version in pissed off poems and cross words 1986
several paintings in Women and Language

'for several years i had haphazardly collected negative words about women--one hardly needs to make lists, they are so imprinted upon our minds and spirits, but i guess subconsciously i was wondering how to document them. i had just finished a painting series 'a woman's non-commemorative stamp collection' (stamps that will never be stamps), and the idea of another preconceived form appeared. there are 13 panels in the series with some 500 words, ranging from patriarchal name-calling to 'concepts.' (c) 1986/9986 marlene mountain. 'women and language' 10:1 1986, page 52.


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one-painting painting series 'deep home'

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