marlene mountain
painting series 18
exhibition statement and titles



The five-painting series, 'womocreativa,' is based on the last two pages of shetrillogy.

painting series eighteen
july-august 1989 (5 paintings, 48" across/triangles, 78" tapering down;
haiku on each translated into female shapes)

1) rebeginning:babywom
2) moonarche:maidenwom
3) giver:motherwom
4) moonopause:cronewom
5) further change:ancientwom

The moons in the upper halves of the paintings represent these five passages/phases
of the female. The moon shapes (circles/crescents), triangles and dots in the lower
halves are haiku.


1) from chaoscoswommos to womocreativa to babywom
2) into blood more as moon more as wom
3) with eartha out of eartha with wom through wom
4) for wom myself for wom ourselves
5) birth of wom harvest of wom


marlene mountain  october 1989  letter notes
'39' and 'womocreativa'

october '89 I want to share with you and a few friends the wonderful experience from my
double exhibition opening (on the full moon) of '39' and 'womocreativa.' The '39' paintings--
my first attempts of 'women's art'--I'd hardly seen since 1979, but mainly I was extremely
worried that the 5 large triangles of 'womocreativa' would be too stark, abstract, weird, etc.
to 'get into.' Especially since the 'narrator' Cindy wasn't able to come. She did come by
here one afternoon to see them for the first time, we talked about the 'meaning' of the
symbols (womsigns, haiku 'translated' into abstract shapes) and she was able to record
some of her feelings and thoughts on tape; some songs about
mother earth; maiden, mother, crone; sisters.

The response to 'womocreativa' was beyond my wildest wish. About 9 pm some 35 women,
men, teenagers, a few babies gathered within the small 'womocreativa' area, and we
talked for 2 hours and more. About being born a babywom in a male world; about coming
into maidenwom, the first bleeding, the fears, ignorance, 'uncleanliness,' the power of
blood, and so much more. About giver:motherwom, the devaluation of the experience by
society, 'creation' myths about male 'gods' giving birth--i.e., the political reversal for
'control,' and so many other thoughts. About cronewom, the wisdom and power
of that age denied by society. About ancientwom (further change)--of death and dying.
I was so moved by the comments of women, young people, and men. There were many
personal and intimate things said, there was some crying, lots of laughter and joy. Whew.

Afterwards, many said they had never had the experience of discussing such feelings in
a group--in a mixed group, and several men said they were fascinated and privileged
to be included, just to listen, to learn. No one was more privileged than I was.

Getting the 6 1/2 x 4 foot paintings finished in a one-month spurt-- all 5 at
once--was quite an experience. Lots of doubts about them until the show. It was a
wonderful time.

When I can, want to start the 'chaoscoswommos' series--4 circles, 4 x 4 feet. The period
in 'shetrillogy' of shesweating, shebirthing, she-etc between 'owom & maytreearchy' ('mad
& glad earth' paintings) and this last series. Hope I can play with paint for a change. But
I can already tell, I'll make lots of work out of it. Will probably try to translate the
poems into 'female' onto the paintings. No idea as yet how to approach them (or the 5
two-peaked mountain shapes left over from the triangles)----I hope they are 'sloppy.

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