marlene mountain
painting series 21
'femail boxes and junk male'
exhibition statement and titles


femail boxes and junk male

'deliberate reverse sexism'


painting series twenty-one
femail boxes and junk male
august 26-september 7 1992
['vagina dentata' created with viewers
at opening on september 12]
(six hinged screens, each panel 4 by 2 feet, twenty-four painting sides)


hinged panel one
1 A front 1 B front
1 A back 1 B back


hinged panel two
2 A front 2 B front
2 A back 2 B back


hinged panel three
3 A front 3 B front
3 A back 3 B back


hinged panel four
4 A front 4 B front
4 A back 4 B back


hinged panel five
5 A front 5 B front
5 A back 5 B back


hinged panel six
6 A front 6 B front
6 A back 6 B back





the paintings in text order:

4 A back
'can men count'
6 B front
'vagina dentata'

1 B back
'do you work inside the home'

5 A & B back; 5 A & B front
'gold mine' 'this seat already taken'
'gold mind' 'standing room only'

(iridescent gold smeared handprint on each back panel)

1 B front
'old masters' '. . . without credibility'

4 B front
'you're damn right i am the Other' 'wow'

2 A back
'family valuables' 'you bet'

2 B back; 2 A & B front
'it does matter what she wears'
'brok-e-n jaw'
familia, household (servants and kin of the householder),
which comes from the Latin famulus meaning slave or servant.

'800 hotline number'

1 A back
'you guys'

3 A & B back; 3 A & B front

3 B front 'pretty HER face'
potential diseases of abused children (from adults)
'uh oh let's not rush'

4 B back; 1 A front
'prepatriarchy--what's wrong with this word'
'malescholarshit''on which it is written'

4 A front
'what does it mean that male imagery is absent
for most of human existence'

[[hinged panel six

'you’re damn right i am the other'
'because all post-matristic'
'poo-poo & pee']]


Hard To Find, Valle Crucis North Carolina September 12-24 1992
Grey Art Gallery, New York University, New York City 1995 year's touring
[two paintings]

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