marlene mountain
painting series 22
flyer notes from lowell

birdy the topless neolithic bird shevinity


'birdy the topless neolithic bird shevinity'
a series of 70 works on 11x17" paper (collage with acrylic, crayon, ink)
august/september 1993 'hard to find' exhibition september 1993

lowell hayes: the radical feminist poet/artist will share a new group of what she calls,
'mixed up media' works (copier, paint, collage) featuring her new character,
'birdy the topless neolithic bird shevinity' which was inspired by
'the civilization of the goddess' by [the late] marija gimbutas,
whom mountain calls 'the most important being in the universe.'

mm: the neolithic bird goddess/shevinity with a female face
and a bird's beak, usually a long neck, wings and/or bird's feet and, yes,
female breasts. my image here of 'birdy' is posed, as body builders do to show off
their muscles.

other images of 'birdy' in her many forms as well as other aspects
of the neolithic--from gimbutas' books--are simply incredible.
as the copying/painting continued i decided to join 'birdy' on a trek through
our non-warring, artistic, intelligent, 'matristic' past and through the
patriarchal take-over which swept 'old europe';
men--kurgans--on horseback with weapons and a male sky god.

what followed, unfortunately, is history. 'birdy's' tour, however, includes
not only a truer vision through 'magical breasts' of our past but perhaps of our
present/future. let's have a celebration of
'matristic' art and life, and a wake for that old fogy, mr patriarchy.
perhaps you too will fall madly in love with the
'magical breasts' of bird shevinity [haiku 1993]


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