marlene mountain
painting series 22


she has touched my life deeply

I've lived in the mountains of east Tennessee since 1971.
Here--surrounded by fantastic 'nature nature!'--my thoughts and ideas
for painting and writing often reflect what is happening in other places.
My background includes both a BFA (1962) and MA (1965) in painting.
And I've written haiku and criticism since 1968.

By 1977 my attitudes and reflections towards art--towards content--were
drastically overturned. Since then I've searched for female symbols to
address in art. What I usually found, however, were surrounded by discussion
of those looking through 'male-colored glasses.'

Marija Gimbutas' books have changed all that.
'marija finally an archeologist i can love'
(I call that a haiku or, more poignantly, a 'sheku,
a poetic phrase about a female).

Marija has recovered our past--which now is our present
and future--with incredible intelligence and intuition.
We as a people have incontestable facts, finally proving that society
has not always been as it is.
She has touched my life deeply and I'm so grateful I was able to say,
before her passing, 'I love you.'


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