marlene mountain
one-line haiku sequence
september 1985


pissed off poems and cross words

late night without mahler


peace banner moves all but those who should be moved
moon craters $25 and up what next
against abortion he tells her after a one night stand
his mother's voice as she talks of aids


eleven major living religions manunkind's got
see it says right here god said kill
exhibition of women by male artists
not made in 'his' image - got it?


'no proper gikuyu would dream of marrying a girl' uncircumcised *
he owns the land she works it
a second wife she suggests (he's not about to help)
'we don't take our women seriously'


after childbirth salt stuffed into her vagina
oh the joy of tight sex
county health department odor of women
unsafe because she is unsafe


thousands of women gather and talk in spite of language
all know who the man is


hera was first

* jomo kenyatta (read: clitoridectomy, infibulation, defibulation)

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