marlene mountain
one-line haiku sequence
september 1985


pissed off poems and cross words




rain a nature sequence [9/85]

rain the day cooled but not earth's anger
forced to drink our slop
unable to relax

neither regional nor nationalistic sliver of the moon
ad nauseam

what if the canaanites had won instead
(no freud no pornography)
let's just screw

ruins the flow of language to correct the sexism
change every he to da see how he da feels
can't shut up now

attn: male deities & agents thereof a woman's body is her own
not polluted fallen sinful unclean shameful not property
bug off god

a whore whether she sells gives it away or weds bliss
black singer gets by with all women no good
real blues unwritten

still the term marriage used to speak of union
thought life over she says until the divorce
off our backs pope

goddess ignores the awakened one's eternal truth etc
at the p.o. rejecting the virgin and child
lie upon lie

why am i now angry why are you not angry
haiku how life can change it
can't wait for morning

Wind Chimes #18 first six groups


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