marlene mountain


October 24, 1992

To: Leno, Letterman & SNL guest, and Saturday Night Live & guest [Joe Pesci]

So, what we see are comedians and satirists with double standards. You can mock, degrade, disrespect and smirk. Can claim Freedom of Whatever and that Public Figures are fair game. But, oh, let someone say something about some jerk that you like and you can't handle it. You have lost what credibility you had. Truly. Can you really tell another jerk joke knowing that you have inappropriately condemned and of all things 'apologized' for an activist artist?

Beyond that, you seem awfully innocent/naive. You do not know that 'religion' IS politics?? You don't care that through the centuries billions of women around the world have been and are continually being harmed--doomed, even--by the Male (yes, male) ReLIEgions?? That the 'poope' is only one of a jillion misogynists?? I suggest that you do some research to find out why Sinead O'Connor would tear up a picture (and, goodness, what a tame and mild action to get you so upset--your 'concern' would be hilarious if it weren't so derisive). You won't find the answer in the 'news' or on the Boob Tube--your employer.

As 'Kramer' reports his teacher said, if you want to be a smart aleck, you first have to be smart. I would say, REAL smart.

As an activist artist (are you?) I found O'Connor's actions (mild that they were) to be the most moving and thrilling-- actually the most intelligent--event I've ever seen on TV. Even if you disagree with her why, for 'booda's' sake, would you add to the prevailing censorship--especially in such a self-righteous manner--that so many thinking artists experience? Ole Jesse and other 'wrongwingers' are rubbing their hands in glee over your actions. If there's an apology due--and there is--it's to O'Connor in particular and to all activists who are concerned with the plight of women of the world and of earth herself.

Al Gore couldn't get Dan Quayle to say a woman has the right to choose, that is, a woman's body belongs solely to herself. By your recent remarks it looks as if you are in Quayle's camp--with his mentality. Can you say, 'a woman owns her body, a woman owns her mind'? Can you? Can you? Can you?

Marlene Mountain


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