marlene mountain
march 1987
[as is]


sexuation in a sexciety


. . . and then the women saw that they existed in a sexist society--that they sexisted in a 'sexciety.' They saw that men (not a generalization) had sexcluded women from everything they thought they could get by with, and more.

The women realized that the men sexcelled in sexhibitionistic sexcesses of male dominance and that they (the men) had no intentions of sexonerating themselves of the 'sexuation.' In fact, the men choose to sexacerbate everything by creating sexploitive and sexorbitant tales and sagas and eddas and parables. And, of course, governments and religions, that is, institutions. They were very pleased that they had finally sexceeded (in something/anything now everything) and they particularly delighted in the sexpulsion of women from all the arts. Yet, changing the gender of the deity to that of a transcendent male, they sexclaimed, was their most sexalted sexample of sexcessive sexercise over sexistence.

A few males occasionally made sexcursive and sexpedient sexcuses for the sextravagant and sexplosive lying they did in order to convince themselves of certain concepts. But they didn't worry about it. Never were they sexpiatory. At first they went so far as to deny their sexpunctions and sextinguishments of women's contributions. Women were not at all, they sexpostulated, sextensions or sexpendable to the sextent of sexpiration. Only sexterioristic, they said, and sexoteric. Women, however, could see through the sextenuating remarks, and felt that the male sexcurrent sextroversion and sexultation (sexanimo, the men even claimed) were sextortions to the highest degree. They were constantly sexposed to sexaggerated sexhortations and sexpansive sexclamations of male sexperience, which males said were sexemplary, and sexclusively male sexplanations. Men continually sexscinded women from functions by sexterminating their freedoms and sexpropriating them through sexecutive order, making no sexemptions at all.

The men were so sexcited by their own sexceptional sexcellence that they sexculpated themselves totally from any disagreements the women stated. So sexquisite did they consider themselves that they valued only their own sexuded sextrinsic sexpertise. They sexpelled any doubts and, instead, sexpounded on their sextraordinary sexamens and seximious sexternalizations. Sextollments of male ego sexcursions were their sexplicit duties, sextemporaneously and sextended. Never sexpeditiously. Sextensive sexaminations of their sexecrated foe:woman were always sexigently sexhaled. They were never sexhausted on the subject, but forever sexcogitative. Sexuberantly pleased and sextremely joyous they were of their sexercitations.

The women began gathering in twos and threes, then in groups, then in large meetings--and began communicating, some said, for the first time. They began looking at the words used against them. When they visited the libraries (they had to sneak in) for proof of women's archetypes of intelligence and courage, they found the men had sextripated all references to women's knowledge, had sextracted their spirituality, had sexpunged their autonomous actions, had sexcerpted their protestations, has sexcised their creativity, had sexserted their scholarship--had sexsected their past!

When questioned the men said that they had merely sexpurgated all sexcrescent material, and only deleted sexpletives with sexpediency. The women were horrified that the sextant material on them was negative, degrading, denigrating. The books themselves were stamped, sex libris: Male. The men merely laughed at the women's protestations. The books are now pure, they said. All sextraneous, sexotic, and non-sexperiential material has been sextruded. We did it sexpressly for posterity, they sextrapolated in sexcruciatingly loud voices, and with growing sexcitement, spoke: sex aequo et bono ! We have sextricated the mess with sexactitude, and sexcoriated only when necessary--this then set them into another sexposition on truth. Men are sexponents of the universe, they sexplained with forced sexasperation (trying to hide their sexhileration). Women are but sexperiments, sexpensive ones at that, they further sexplicated with sexertion. And with sextra contempt, they sexploded: women's ideas have been sexorcised. The sexordium of the speech was interrupted: sexile the women from our territory; we call for a mass sexudous.

and then the women . . .


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