marlene mountain
one-line haiku
dated or misdated by postings
june 2001
[in progress]



clover in the cottontail in the clover
cottontail in the clover in the cottontail

whatcha think george it could take two villages to raise twins
6/2 whatcha think-2
whatcha think george it takes a haiku to elevate a prez

born with death nkosi slips into it
[nkosi johnson south africa aged 12]

who gives who gives a pickle the pecks of syllables peter pipers count
i didn't hang on his every word on which he hung himself
camp out at the beautiful pond with beautiful young people
everything funny and serious at the same time especially the frogs
old body into old nature no walk in the park
gullywashed from gullywashed from the flower patches to a leaky roof

everything turns into humidity
toward morning i give an impromptu giggleshop on haiku
marilyn at 75 on her knees with all the dead kennedys

all night at the pond not a syllable in sight
odometer reads homebody
'so much depends' on a pile of leaves
welcome guests martha and george certainly welcome you too
write and let write evening cool

if you need a good rain call me i'll hang out the clothes
syllabully haiku
not the strings how vivaldi threads each color of green

america's countdowm to the mcveigh execution june rains
another directive from a haiku cop american haiku archives
children run from the schoolhouse america and japan
helmes & hatch without their head seats still no musical chairs
called a rewriting of history when i correct john's lies
back from the land a drive-by 'haiku' missed by a mile
don't force it get a bigger haiku

all day i follow in the steps of the millipede it in mine
after the weather hero worship comes on
our flood on tv still too close
legs sprout still the second-year tadpole mostly tadpole
first leaves of a volunteer cuke a place of its own

up early again moss-gathering in the poison ivy patches
not just anyone can read or write anything goes haiku

haiku from paintings haiku from tv haiku from mama nature
whatever the crow's said from the nest area she's said all day

everybody's talking about the weather pollution's doing something about it
she's not gone as far as she can go a poor always with us
[after others + marlene]

garden patch the doe stops here
weather semicolon other than weather
within these oldest hills i mourn for silbury hill of old
gardening with the gnats a faded blue sock a faded green
how many z's to screw in a haiku
so what does whore ally care about

june heat a great distance to travel for distant haiku
toward home from the garden i clip briers through the window
it's a photographic moment no it's a haikuic moment no it's a bird
tim's 168 tim's 168 george w's 150 plus tim
back yard the crow gets the early worm

no tat for his tit evening cool

i'm still in my 'so what' phase of writing. more fun than 'nothing special.'
lovemm 6/15

in this 'so what' phase more fun than 'nothing special'
shit or get off the pot kigo
Subject: Re: What is this? x
female chromosome 3/4s of the world

Subject: Re: finish the senryu....
because I can my grin
newt out of the water into its eft

haiku too easy senryu not dirty enough we're definitely past deft

does andre sound as good in bed yum

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