marlene mountain
one-line haiku
late 60s-present

[in progress]


see 'from the mountain/backward'
[three sections written 1991/92]
an attempt to show the gradual development into one-line haiku
from late 1960s through 1990
only one-line came to be written by the early 1980s
so in a sense the piece is more about the various content which has run through
a simple horizontal line
a further entanglement is the
almost total absorption of one-line
into sequences and into 'one-line linked haiku' with other writers
often i would type groups of one-line in the mid-80s perhaps to find sequences within
or to look for something to send to a magazine or two
several of these groupings have been included here
including repetitions--as is--along with the title a group was temporarily given
mm 12/27/01

plays on haiku definition/nondefinition
1988 and 1998

late 60s-early 70s
ink writings contents
[mainly one-line mainly late 60s-early 70s]
'better as one-liners?'
early one-line

notebook page including pig and i
haiku to allard

one-line tear outs 1970s-1980s

some late 1970s-1990 one-line haiku
'as was/is' groups
[mid-80s various groupings of haiku saved to apple 2c]

a haiku for christine
one-line haiku on 'wreckcreation h' painting
as is group

recent links
haiku on haiku

gathered from postings 2001:
march april may
july august

september 2001
'world haiku wall' [online]

haiku 2002-03

'connections' mm links

haiku in magazines
one-line haiku in magazines 1 [1970s-80s]
amoskeag, brussels sprout, cicada, frogpond,high/coo,
mayfly, modern haiku, oak grove, outch, tweed, uguisu

one-line haiku in magazines 2 1980s [in progress]
wind chimes

one-line haiku in magazines 3 1990s [in progress]

one-line haiku in magazines 4 1994-2000s
raw nervz haiku
haiku & related material
raw nervz haiku

one-line haiku in magazines 5 2000s [in progress]

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'one-line haiku sequences contents'
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