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gathered april

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a gobble from the edge of the woods tadpoles burst their seams
as if there'd been no winter tiger swallowtail
in subsoil to hold the bank my thoughts go out to the iris roots
they're up tender things my winter brain forgot
if you can't be with the dirt you love love the dirt you're with
surely it's in love with itself the pansy
covered in white the yard we said needed mowing
nipped in the bud this month's check
prayers and candles in a world of phallic bombs and game plans
bushism yet the forsythia
21st century on everyone's hands everyone's spilled blood
wish those yankees could come home and plow
when the war's over if ever someone's bound to say i told you so
to insure more garden yellow than purple a dandelion
tiger lilies transplanted i hang out in the rain till i can't no more
in bed with mother nature's flowers
with a pow unidentified remains rescued in the dead of night
her blue ribbon replaced with black to blank
[haiku poet, anne mckay, 1932-2003]

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out like a lamb into only 24 hours for we foolish to be illuminated
the leafing out of the lilac frost talk in the air
thunderstorms relieve the heat which had just relieved the chill
in a fog until i reunite with buds though nipped
bright dreams in my head closer to the goings-on of nature
old pond a tractor driven into the sound of what
[protest in washington dc]
matisse are your 'french' paintings still on the walls of america
up too early the world still a mess
the good news and the bad news & i don't know which is which
democracy how grand on nice paper
alone in a clump of debris other animals will get such a kick
before i leave the valley a pee for good measure
another day of being older again and wiser again to giggle
rushed away settled silt with the unsettled
second sighting of a butterfly did it too hear my oh wow
if i do this i can't do that so i head out for that
the doors open wide if only more than two doors to open wide
in spring an old woman turns into spring

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bloodroot blossoms settle into the earth while it lasts forever
tight-lipped the long briefing of a general
someone's torn-down house borders the transplanted gifts
disappeared up to the boy's elbows
up and down off and on a late late night haiku about the day
read his lips no new nation-building wasn't it
the distance from here to the tadpoles shorter than the way back
the war going good according to the brass knuckles
as if waiting just for me to resume their flutter the porch moths
iraq a playground for the big 'corporapetions'
few flat unshady spots left irises grown too fond of themselves
uh oh at the end of the light not a bit of tunnel
five or six millennia of which 'talking balls' knows best
candles under the sink for a non-romantic night
an anti-war free-country mouth one of the 'dixie chicks' damned
[popular country band]
rushed away settled silt with the unsettled
dickheads with dressed-up opinions one can see right through
entangled in itself years of poison ivy and still it finds itself
art stolen from the ancient sands of more femaleness than now
feminism a call for rights add radical for subversion


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