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gathered january

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two notes for the only person in the house: leave the tap water running
unfocused the poem slipped through
doubts that the old toyota will start are deer pregnant in the valley
the kidnapped baby recovered jonbenet still murdered
a ball to fall a ball to kick two more potentially-bad days coming up
too cold to wash dishes too cold not to
cheese with something those exercises when the climate turns over
almost a warm snap no appetite for what's predicted
lucky to be out-of-love a mind of irises and scrappy pieces of art
second coffee no places to go no people to see
first knuckles of the index fingers begin to grow in a gardener's life
one of those days i'm older than i am
do we watch 'times square' for what happens or what doesn't happen
'latest development' he's still on the loose
seven hundred forever owed on the broken mac winter's green grass
bits of snow more than twice-bitten in this retreat
three maybe four layers of clothes the dishes left for a warmer climate
creosote on the outside of the stovepipe a long day
not another year to me just the continuing prospect of a tomorrow
so many words sayable if i remember which
oh dear 'out with the old' would take at least one eighteen-wheeler
winter solstice just keeps on giving

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full of what's left of itself pampas grass in the first mountain snow
below 32 degrees two of the covers wood-dried
a shrub's life 'not over my dead body will they raise your taxes'
inspired by the bare poplar its roots in the earth
first snow therefore first snow in therefore at home as usual
mailbox farther down the blacktop below freezing
haiku book in english but i can't bear to find the right moment
hockey dad's son testifies to save his and his hides
dark 'holler' yet the sun finds the old tin roof and drips just enough
macmouse problems the iffy arrow during a haiku
inside connected to the world drawn without by the odor of blue
a nondrip-dry blanket hangs out as the roof drips dry
foreign choppers over the chopped-up hills and caves and bodies
little tagalongs in the many 'over theres' & 'right heres'
flakes gather on the ground cobwebs back in their favorite haunts
basho nor i base all form on a crow in autumn dusk

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drift of days little ideas of green worm through the frozen ground
winter thaw a few iris tips on the move
still gullible not nearly as gullible as in my '20s '30s '40s even '50s
the three faces of eve one's named jane
they seem too thin legs of the carolina wren and only two at that
prisoner of patriarchy the discovery channel
ice-melt will a 2000-year-old church truly root out its pedophiles
second to nothing mother nature
those far-off dirt patches i think of you and thank you my pretties
hard to escape even hard times can fill a haiku
what's with the weather have humans destroyed the seasons
'washed in the blood' every two hours a woman rubbed out
homemade soup well homemade in that i cut up the vegetables
to be understood midwinter

14 recent links:
bordered by little hills that only go up i forget to be on high alert
under a stack of thin blankets with house shoes still on
warm snap the dead weight of a dead battery pushed into takeoff mode
as stars appear the tangled lemon tree
full of the ancient moon when women created images of each other
no longer a pretty site the littered creek
nail holes in the wrong places centuries of out-and-out lies continue
it's the economy dubya
money talks more than it listens i wonder what the crows hear
soggy leaves raked from what appears
just not right but all kinds of green poke into my winter-worn eyes
front porch at dusk we beg her to play the banjo
steam rises from the pond footprints scuffled around the edge
one clean coffee cup just enough for tomorrow

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