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hidden in a valley in a valley hidden from me patches of deer
daffodil shoots separate but equal
winter wonderland i plow through a pile of illegal papers
on the up and up a march sky
one bed cover rests comfortably on a chair not too far away
i was like that until the coming frost
soft foods for the old jawbones still too cold for a warm snap
fear of the future the past partly over
sworn on his testicles the lies larger the cell just right
[the old way to testify]
'wide-spread rape' in iraq who hates the women
[older quote by john kerry on 'cnn'/sent to 'awhw']
sex in the country perhaps no different from 'sex in the city'
begun 'on the wrong foot' judge to michael jackson
'god-ordained marriage' & devil-ordained divorce had one of them
holy cow about to bust out my worn-down mountains
warm clothes on the line wait on warmth in the old house
the best of both worlds where are those worlds


16 recent links:
chickadees hop from the dense boxwood full of sunlight
cold shed two trowels still nestled
dramatic or just plain old nature purple of a crocus bunch
a bit of snow follows a bit of warmth
something in a poem that refuses to allow itself to fall out
an image of rain a rain of images
the closed gallery where beautiful arguments arose
war film on one side a romantic interest thrown in
anniversary of a corporate greed coal mine explosion
four less years for forty-three
international day for females a vote for matilda joslyn gage
[author of 'woman, church and state: the original expose of male
collaboration against the female sex,' 1893. reprint 1980]
under the weather iris tips reach up
entangled pampas rakes remain on their rusty nails
curtains closed on the sun where anything goes
spring bounces back and forth where to and where from
bigger than i could ever be the new green

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