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a little green under the pampas ragged clinging to itself
through dogwoods a bit of a breeze
a pact of lies in the world until a pack of irises
can you hear the respelling of matriarchy
add a semicolon a pleasant yet popular two-moments haiku
enough rain to float a pond
eyes of the primroses my son takes away
'ground operations' into planted bombs
i'm the higher father a religious god tells dubya
killers when they come back from killing
remember elvis and when rock and roll was here to stay
behind in email marked 'hot' and those not
still in the washer clothes too tired for a trek to the line
after pain a lust to get on with it
more in love with 'nature' than ever with a man
do they still believe all the blue is crow blue
through muddy ruts to 'the healing garden' to a lilac odor
the moon follows as far as i'm willing to go


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wind comes and goes with the sun with the screen door
past the broken bridge excited honeysuckle
a flicker flies off with its flickerness a few trees deeper
moths gather at home to die
a dragonfly darts and returns for a reason unknown
the lust of 25% americans world sex trade of kids
a little pollution here a little pollution there soon add up . . .
more lies to the world fake apology from a big shot
haiku full of every kind along comes another 'but it's this'
one-state israel/palestine let be olive trees of old
the ancient overdue neolithic symbols with women creators
idle garden buckets if not for a little rain to hold
old truck pointed in the right direction if only i could find mine
at a crossroad 'yojimbo' goes right
]1961 akira kurosawa film]
with legs about to push through into warmth wiggly tadpoles
irises rear their pretty head

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