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through the green of pampas toward a gray day
cicada shell part of the wind
potatoes in the fire a hole in the earth past earthworms
a shower outside inside nothing flows
dirty words directed toward a bit of nature named frances
muddy shoes lined up with those not
a worn-down path to and under an apple tree the usual suspects
on the grass beneath katydid legs a good pee
tangled memories of vietnam a purple heart thrashed and trashed
c-span call-in show the left the right the other
four & 1/2 hours of protesters republicans ready pretty balloons
somewhere out there a new view of life
all the way to heaven and back to guys kill these and kill those
toward 65 no alzheimer's in my blond brain
a good look at a painting unseen some 40 years scratches and all
the flick started before i woke early
a wren like john's poem i'm mm 'and i approve this message'
fresh garlic cloves finely diced a window closed cool


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