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gathered september

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a deer drinks in the surroundings then drinks in the pond
laid-back until moths begin their flutter
i'll miss summer once it's finally run its peculiar course
more than meets the eye striped caterpillar
a gift the yellowest of the butterflies on the pinkest of a thistle
just short of a long day rain changes its mind
the plug pulled on ricci's brain is elizabeth hidden deep within
who has the nerve not to define haiku
breeze in the hollow the kind a string of words might not catch
a speech full of tricky stuff toward war stuff
'person of interest' a compliment except from the improved fbi
in the kitchen and the heat martha stewart
a few rooms cleaned to where others would begin
ready to call it a night tho the stars are in
to start life over with everything done right well 35% might do
a teaser the windows rolled up for nothing
hey kid let's see your strong muscles sweet heart smart brains
a good idea straight from the ground
rescued from the blacktop a turtle's feet on bottomland for now
the mailbox waits my out-of-date walk

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bracketed words a wren's song overrides its description
goldenrods pull out of mist and bring new asters
a clump of hot pokers divided each with a fresh outlook on life
rerun of a kurosawa film cicadas louder than mine
a long stretch of nature filled with sand traps and herbicides
whatever war means besides hell it's popular
wouldn't care if the whole dang government quit to plant irises
fallen far too long the drought-looking sky
a chill in the air then cicadas then the 'elevated alert' elevated
draped in secrecy plans to god the world
scene of the crime shifts from one little girl to the next little girl
spider plant seeds tiny and black fall thru the cracks
did little boys truly kill their dad or did one's middle-aged lover
one more bugged pine plenty of beaks to debug
'sleeper cells' i dream of never-arrived monarchs overwintering
dozens of swifts follow dusk into a chimney of their own
the drought continues the porch light off early to find pieces of dew
'insider information' the biggest cuke saved for seeds
latest book of linked haiku confident enough to call it 'probably'
new reasons to go to war old ones not to go
usa's 'elevated alert' elevated to 'high' yellow to orange chatter
at work tomatoes on the red window sill

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a lot to take in all the sounds that hover between dusk and dawn
dogwoods with a changed tone of voice
in transition pampas grass where praying mantises once hung
huddled in dust cukes wait on rain from 'hanna'
garden tools in the truck bed in case they've energy to be used
something dug up and replanted it doesn't matter what
since they won't fix the big world i'll stay in my rundown little world
discrimination in america in everywhere even on mars
at risk a red [or is it pink] turtlehead leans into the rocky road
on the way back ox-eye daisy not seen on the way
in just which palace would they find saddam or one of his doubles
beneath clothespins thoughts from yesterday
friday the 13th terror-talk 'hoax' watch your humorous mouth
not yet autumn labor day & back-to-school overrule
someday it might be said a piece 'formally known as' haiku
[after prince (artist formally known as)]
i've nothing new to say but slower at it
watch out for big ears if you've a subversive gleam in your art
a fine day if a sprinkle turns into a drizzle
hey don dick john condy colin and george 'where's the beef?'
pastoral setting cows in the creek eliminate it
death verdict for the child-killer less years to fantasize his deeds
while the heavy fog burns off a downy
words just tumble out too broken to get back into the mind's pool
his kingdom for this new puddle i don't think so

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drip-dry clouds a mourning cloak makes the purple rounds
rain delay as glad bulbs loaded with peach harden off
seasonal change the cucumber beetles outnumber the cukes
sun-cracked earth follows my every move
with large wings something flaps deeper into the woods
free as a bird unless habitatly-challenged
'home of the brave' have you turned in your suspicious nature
after america owns iraq then it could own iran
black gold in 'them thar hills' but more energy out of the blue
tomatoes as if the dirt had no other purpose
i finally remembered to take along a notebook but wrote nothing
autumn sky after the mist settles down
a long day until it began to darken beneath the fluffy clouds
tho tired lavender and pink now bedded together
how to kill women under the guise of how women were killed
war in his eyes as touch-me-not pods empty out
no workable pen in the truck a poem stays just inside an oak
land for peace leveled by bulldozers for peace
tattoos stretch into neolithic times where earth meant something
we wait on 'hanna' to satisfy our thirst the little pond and i

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