marlene mountain
one-line haiku
'as is' groupings

a bunch 1

he drank his way into me
it's a fundamentalist fundamentalist fundamentalist world
hopelessly honest very few want that esp in haiku
i leave taste to the tasteful
a wonderful day i was able to be borderline rude to one jerk
revisioning the world with a big birth
mere anger turning into cackling they had their chance
a machine a man invented breaks down a man comes to repair it
get your divorce and let's write short poems cackling
she says i don't eat shit anymore i eat cunt
i refuse to have my poems-------a patriarchal society
sacred grove the forester marks trees that should be cut
never comfortable
to be male or not to be male the big male question
one haiku on lots of white paper the blahs
in the whole world not a man downdeep who's not antiwoman
is there a woman who truly thinks men are superior
i cackle over the grandiose rules of haiku
they have to call us girls so they can feel like me
the bad joke of a male god which has ruined the world
sperm slowly seeps into faded flowers of the bed sheet
is this mother's day is this survival of the meaningful
ordinary shitty people make egotism out of haiku
dressed for success for success in the patriarchal world
a moment's pause to remove your curly hair
the blue of our parting in your love bites
i put scotch on my clitoris for you for me
my breasts large to sweat beneath
i know more about your body than your mind
during your strokes a haiku without rules
everyone's so weird but me
there is healing as she becomes herself

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