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the big 80s for the prez

strident about trident
white sugar white flour white male
universe love it or leave it
i think therefore i am pissed
pornography fuck it
homeland for women
balance of terror not how a kid spells peace
idiot or computer error & it's over
hot night pushy for women our rights our rites our riots
i'm glad your voice isn't calm
find out
after love love
alone women of the world
there was no beginning she has always been
she has always been
goddess spot
russian bullshit/propaganda at least in it there's hope
she's anti woman
be careful she's anti woman
taliswoman [rev: taliswom]
old pond a frog rises belly up
you mop and i'll split wood
way back virgin meant unmarried one-in-herself
androgyny like yin yang bad joke on a woman
jesus said i have come to destroy the works of the female
foot of the mountain the pope lies about the rights of women
my son the age sons get killed
women and minorities: womenandminorities
god's not dead he's alive and a real prick
not coming if your dance isn't the revolution
people living in cardboard boxes
terrorist that's what i want to be called
our kids' future mutual assured destruction
equal, hell
even as winter set in your anger made sense
radical aware
well, just who the hell do you think fucked it up, caterpillars
women have plenty to paint
men aren't listening
there is always a woman to reach
heretic: able to choose
tired of being nice
who hires a braless jeaned woman
don't want men to teach history anymore
up front after hello are you with us
the goddess is here
good guys aren't enough
so what buster if i've got an ass
we are more than one half of the world
'the man' scared of us
our moon's been trampled
independently poor
why are unangry women angry with angry women
arms definition to put around a body not to kill it
black history month women's week the rest white male
better to curse the darkness than to light one candle
nuclear winter (nuclear spring nuclear summer nuclear fall)
spring in america water unsafe food unsafe sex unsafe
i'll tell ya the system boys it ain't workin
stamp out ugly men on stamps
lie upon lie
solstice solace goddess
i'm not asking i'm demanding
free of master of masterpiece
i am a suitcase bomb
token man
bug off god
remember when it was just litter
free the bear free the eagle
who's telling holier than thou what to do with his body
police shoot into a crowd of mourners police shoot into
acid rain less and less i am at one with nature*
*less and less nature is nature
peace banner moves all but those who should be moved
not star wars dammit space music
i'm committed to your maleness even more to the moon's femaleness
solstice women gather unwrap the moon
no wonder beethoven went deaf
why i want to know have there been no great men
leaves of autumn sisters of the world
scratched into the mountain shadows of the moon
solstice making love
nuclear submarines are not female
if women wanted war we would have invented it
america a rape every 3 seconds
free haiku
darkness since god said let there be light
haunted by a world i don't like
morning-glory folds into herself into her folds
nice people are obstacles
holy war  huh?
buddha was a child deserter
labor day unemployed
nothing is forever [with image of post nuclear war]
off our backs pope
'we have been trying to improve life on earth' eleanor smeal
free freedom
free freedumb
i am not as white as i look
'food can be hazardous to your health'
higher ups are low down
i have never had a president
shape up or i'll burn a triangle on your lawn
there is no precedent we must do it
i have already been told too many lies
'i am not a men' *
i am too meaningful to be blown up
i'm a pagan thank goddess
i'm a heretic thank goddess
i'm a goddess person
fuck christmas
watch out for wrong wingers
have you heard the latest disinformation?
peace through peace
fed up
nuke the nukers
let's connect   let's conneck
tough straight
do unto patriarchy
do in to patriarchy before it does unto you (any more)
'separation of church and state'
separation from church and state
do you know where the patriarchy is today?
in the beginning god created the patriarchy
i am not a male rib
born again woman
born again radical
stridency shall return
have you rebelled today
i am more radical than i look
i deserve a fbi file of my own

for a matilda joslyn gage birthday card:
have a rebellious day

'witchmas card'
the time is ripe for ladies to be women, women to be witches and witches to take over

spring morning a chemical spill
summer afternoon a chemical spill
autumn evening a chemical spill
winter night a chemical spill

dear god thank you for telling our forefathers to kill the native peoples so we could have this land and thank you for all the rivers ponds and oceans into which we can dump our toxic waste in jesus name amen

i don't believe a word you say, and i won't defend to the death your right to say it

when all women take back total control of their own bodies patriarchy will cease to exist and men in power know it

*billy at asu when the cross words were shown

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