marlene mountain
one-line haiku
'as is' groupings

april 1987



i think therefore i am pissed
god's not dead he's alive and a real prick
why i want to know have there been no great men
universe love it or leave it
homeland for women
not coming if your dance isn't the revolution
let us not praise famous men
i don't believe a word you say, and i won't defend to the death your
right to say it
grafenberg spot -- rafenberg + oddess = goddess spot
old pond a frog rises belly up
we don't need to ask what men want
darkness since god said let there be light
diamonds are a girl's best fiends
nuclear submarines are not female/if women wanted war we would have invented it
balance of terror not how a kid spells peace
do unto pricktriarchy before it does unto you (anymore)
"white man's burden": white man
separation of church and state/separation from church and state
white sugar white flour white male
no wonder beethovan went deaf
nature abhors a man-filled vacuum
a woman is just one man away from (being) herself

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