marlene mountain
one-line haiku
'as is' groupings


in her old voice the mountains
morning-glory folds into herself into her folds
summer  beneath my breasts
alone in a cotton gown
i do not cry yet the ish-ish of our moon
my hair to autumn wind
old woman's porch blooms in each rusty can
calling her son forest unmarried woman in the woods
pine knot slowly she feels her breasts
my body no longer firm mountain haze
first bleeding of the year
peach buds even my hair growing
old towel  folding it again  autumn evening
leaving him she whispered in the grocery store
our triangle
[published 70s/80s one-line haiku]

beware of women's issues they lack humor he says humorlessly
snow falling old woman's banjo slightly out of tune
mary beth says your 5000 years are up
first iris tips for a while at odds with nothing
foot of the mountain the pope lies about the rights of women
not coming if your dance isn't the revolution
faded jeans spread on a laurel she paints herself
new moon: ishtar and i redden together
who hires a braless jeaned woman
raped two hours on a pool table
a dream from fifteen years mother chasing me through corridors
two in my life one treated me good she says and he's dead
all i have old who once wore these jeans
america a rape every three seconds
quarter moon water in my belly
lunar eclipse the false names you have been called astarte
i've not ruled out women came with her third wine
knock off his nose and take back the world woman
why are unangry women angry with angry women
unable to tell mother who i am
against 'the flow' for some far off daughter
haunted by the voice of barbara jordan
chill bumps a woman singing to women
sonia maybe i'll vote after all
boatwoman rescued thrown into a prostitution house
she's anti woman
slowly skin folds and folds again another wait
run of apple butter the old reflection in her eyes
faded flowers of the bed sheets autumn night
lunar eclipse sistrum and cymbal of isis
breakthrough bleeding quarter moon of the morning sky
a cold rain another resolve not to explain myself
next woman in line no coupons no off-brands
yet another someone chooses to be offended by my art
destitute since not offering incense to the queen of heaven *
* jeremiah 44:l5-19

[published 70s/80s one-line haiku from sequences & linked haiku]

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