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one-line haiku
women's 1

hot night pushy for women our rights our rites our riots
solstice women gather unwrap the moon
hungry to talk with a woman to protest to protest in haiku
leaves of autumn sisters of the world
in her old voice the mountains
morning-glory folds into herself into her folds
summer beneath my breasts
alone in a cotton gown
my hair to autumn wind
my body no longer firm mountain haze
snow falling old woman's banjo slightly out of tune
first bleeding of the year
peach buds even my hair growing
i do not cry yet the ish-ish of our moon
ovulation fold of the mountain scattered with mist
pine knot slowly she feels her breasts
old woman's porch blooms in each rusty can
another birthday more of my face in the mirror
rush hour a woman in the median picking wildflowers
full moon unalone woman in a menstrual hut
the long night if i am not myself who is
i reach for the moon and find her within
slowly emma goldman's words form a reason to paint
calling her son forest unmarried woman in the woods
beware of women's issues they lack humor he say humorously
mary beth says your 5000 years are up
first iris tips for a while at odds with nothing
slowly skin folds and folds again another wait
not coming if your dance isn't the revolution
faded jeans spread on a laurel she paints herself
in warming water labia opening
old towel folding it again autumn evening
equal, hell
haunted by the voice of barbara jordan
even as winter set in your anger made sense
new moon renewing with her
dare you john man woman god read mary daly
i am bleeding
women have plenty to paint
tonight i am mountain
i rise from blood and paint myself in the moon
there is always a woman to reach
who hires a braless jeaned woman
i'm glad your voice isn't calm
new moon: ishtar and i redden together
women have no past but our moon
way back virgin meant unmarried one-in-herself
we are more than one half of the world
leaving him she whispered in the grocery store
our triangle
summer into autumn bleeding
full moon all the odor of my body
equinox to come home to the budding mountain
my life mist mountain
horny first spring moon
midwife crosses the mountain with a lunar calendar

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