marlene mountain
one-line haiku
as is group


bare legs thrown above the ice by long pants 
sun on the silver beer can beside red-deep trillium
down in the dumps downtrodden down in the mouth down and dirty
we had something in common nothing in rare
not a kennedy woman he was a prick
no money for the used book
small-letter poet begins each with a capital
healed she dons heels to date don a well-heeled heel
in these old mountains my voice
'men love wars' old woman in 'reds'
that ancient herstory
durable goods last at least 3 years
i've forgotten whether i have short- or long-term memory loss
the good news and the bad news approved for tenncare
to celebrate or not approved for tenncare
my mind on survival my heart almost numb
up to my vulva & bosom in the vulvas & bosoms of birdys
convenient memory each could tell the other she does
i cant get back that time nor this time
simpson takes notes on spilt blood to be split
public radio health show 'commercial sex worker
in the middle of nature a need for tough dialogue
ill each tomato a stranger
before fall leaves fall my scattered mind
from a pillow he left to a pillow he left
a pillow he left and a pillow he left
'is this a great country or not' candice bergan
cairo population meet two female heads of state
get! governments & churches etc off our backs & [out of] bellies
cuntderground cunttergroung (c)un(t)derground c(o)untercult(ure)
do you want to go down in history or on herstory
aug '94 ex-kamikaze pilot: i apologize that i lived
'made in the usa' each hour three-hundred and sixty guns
'made in america'
sunny morning negative feelings
after the grandkid leaves a sip of the blue drink
how sweet if it were a matter of a bad stepmother
more safe places for animals than women and children
ten times more testosterone in men
maybe it's because i'm no longer in love
12 hot dogs a month
oh yes oh no fall warblers returning
what was i going to think
'be prepared for rejection but sing your song if you have one'
'human experiment'
rwanda rwanda let killers keel over
calif unwed fathers have equal rights
commercial 'minor feminine itching'
paul hill: no innocent babies are going to die in that clinic today

too much nature nature on tv
does it left and right for 3 hours male snake with 2 dicks
male snake with 2 of 'em 3 hours of doing it left and right
i'm not sick i'm just in love
a well-turned ankle turned

can i learn from the hepatica root-tangled in jagged rocks
troubled those years his looking everywhere else

dem ca rep maxine waters to ny rep rep peter king: shut up
'shut up' 'she's not going to tell me to shut up' she already did
'day is over when men can badger women'
'absolutely 100% not guilty' (how many % guilty)
5 1/2" long 2 1/2" wide spine-deep front neck wound
glass vial of blood #945136 nicole
'unrest area' in south africa unrest area at home
'home safe home' i hope
to have and to hold
family values 'more crime goes on the the family' (6/23)
'as long as i'm not fucked up i'm ok' young guy off drugs

'what are your hopes for the future' 'that i have one'
'he's going fucking nuts'
obvious as a sore thumb where the hammer hit
generation xx

sick of the work closet
worse book in the world's best seller
having a bad basic cable night

not over the weather [seq variation]
hot sparklers in both legs so many asperins my ears ache
here i am again a bundle of self
far-off and intellectual kigo or symbolic mother nature
summer blue sky summer blues
can't get up on tiptoe can't walk a straight line stone sober
cabin fever or agoraphobia
mental block the letter begins and ends with dear
'hidden symptoms' no revalation to me
yard serviceberry the first again to give up her leaves
self-definition get it done gone
worn down from yesterday and day after tomorrow's pain
gully-wash in my head more silt replaces more silt
'unrest area' in south africa unrest area in home sweet . . .
overwhelmed by nature (trees & me & disease)
another nice morning still under the weather 'of my discontent'
'english is getting greener' fall leaves hangin in


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