marlene mountain
one-line haiku in wreckcreation painting series


mother nature haiku  nature haiku  nature talks back haiku

as mary's daughter we'd roam all of africa for mother bones *
nature 'saves'
spring's cum
it wasn't always a man's earth
it's nice to fool around with mother nature
nature is as nature does
what man has joined together let mother nature put asunder
a dirty business but someone has to be mother nature
between me and my personal mother nature
fortunately mother nature has no son to send
if there was the big bang and no one heard it . . .
talk of playing god when there's no god to play
'on' nature's 'green earth'
dirt rich
he starts the dozer & nature-fucks
killer whale or whale killer
solstice card danger of sunlight
down-sizing of coarse includes the forest
we say tomato & tomato they say genetically engineered
lucy in a harem yet gosh no fight-teeth to protect ownership
buffalo out of the nickel into itself
nature forced into man's bed overflows
female bunting not indigo mr namer
lucky me a freak of mother nature
mother nature laughs

* mary leakey


more one-line haiku (no room in the painting):

new year's same old rotten world beautiful earth
surrounded by non-kigo nature ah
multi-million dollar man-made mother nature movie dud
'there but for the grace of' mother nature [and darwin] 'go i'
intellectuals do 'genesis' a jaw bone between lucy & us from mars
down to earth
what nature
sludge-farming you don't want to know nothing about it never
garden show sponsor: miracle-gro
picture-perfect nature
nature video ad: watch people run for their lives
don't force nature get a bigger 'dozer
nature makes me do it
'night soil'
once upon a time when nature had nature people
pbs nature program first off hierarchy & harem
nature-lover 'takes one to know one'
i've come to the fir and learned of acid clouds *
warmed by firewood troubled by vanishing forest & ozone
nature not always nature an act of god a disaster a freak of
'atmospheric drift' so nature-sounding

* after basho

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