marlene mountain
one-line haiku
'connections' [w/friends in whcmm]


the connections 1

'Hokku and haiku have been written to congratulate, to praise, to describe, to express gratitude, wit, cleverness, disappointment, resentment, or what have you, but rarely to convey enlightenment.'
Weatherhill, New York & Tokyo, 1983

'the hiro connection' 3/02-1/03

'to congratulate'
my thanks when the bad priests et al get solitary
that you continue mother nature in spite of so many founding fathers
'to praise'
best compliment 'bad girl of haiku' tho i'm really a crone
yes yes snow's cute and needed and all but it's your spring i love
'to describe'
2 miles up the road to the bad curve but pull over to the left first
speak loudly and carry a small weapon of mass destruction
'to express gratitude'
early morning 3 deer a groundhog a flew-away-too-fast something
it's a start 'fair and balanced' dropped from its news promo
'to express wit'
so witty the haiku/senryu debaters unlurked themselves
and then a woman was formed from a male rib
'to express cleverness'
pretty good definition on not worth the paper it's written on
can't wait for the upcoming new & improved patriarchal world
'to express disappointment'
now that i'm famous i'm temporarily unavailable
the way downhill much like the uphill trek
'to express resentment'
at each end of the journey fewer places to be a monarch butterfly
my moon stepped on for mankind
'to express what have you'
i have more than i don't have if you consider i'm dirt rich
a 'talking haiku' not full of cement or is it concrete
'to convey enlightenment'
oh i get it first you have to realize you've been in endarkenment
holy cow how that meant hathor & her mother's mother & so on


'The custom of using kigo has hardened into an almost inviolable rule . . . the use of ki
is probably at the base of a charge that has been advanced that haiku are more concerned with nature than with human affairs. Such a statement is ridiculous. Haiku are more concerned with human emotions than with human acts, and natural phenomena are used to reflect human emotions, but that is all.'
'Haiku may be of many kinds, grave or gay, deep or shallow, religious, satirical, sad,
humorous, or charming; but all haiku worthy of the name are records of high
moments--higher, at least, than the surrounding plain.'

'the harold connection' 4/02-1/03

gullywash over mayfly larvae soaked by the pasture dirt-off
dirt from where i'd chosen to be planted buries a new culvert
not gay not happy not peaceful not satisfied rather satisfying i think
how wide is the ocean how deep is the sky littered both ways
what century would that be to restore the church's image
romantic nature with romantic human nature tanka
in the puddle a mosquito or two and a frog while they last
rabin: enough of blood and tears enough
run that by again who's a terrorist who's not
the home not broken the kids live in a will-it-ever-end soap opera
a bit sad a bit mad and best of all a bit angry
that 'directv' guy in the ads so perfect for one-line haiku
a field day in the new clover for cottontail and child
from on high the language of crows


'Zen as it is related to the mind of the haiku poet is dealt with under thirteen headings.
selflessness, loneliness, grateful acceptance, wordlessness, non-intellectuality, contradiction, humor, freedom, non-morality, simplicity, materiality, love, courage
These are some of the characteristics of the state of mind which the creation
and appreciation of haiku demand.'
R. H. Blyth, HAIKU, Volume 1, Hokuseido, 1949/1969, page162

'the reginald connection' 3/02-1/03

'land for peace' or 'peace for land' who's giving up their balls
in a dry spell someone might like to know that
the child gives the second cat the first cat's name
empty spaces where 'those little girls' were just little girls
'grateful acceptance'
without a religion on this peaceful land
just a click away and free 'mike's cards lite'
unlike their daddies the tadpoles
before dubya's speech the world listens
he thought and thought for the rest of the thoughtlessness poem
'women can't think' or 'write haiku' well not like you reginald
[see one of his books]
all those planes in those two no-fly zones
'earth day' business as usual in the rain forests
too old to be 'in her flowers' in the middle of them
[the term is a biblical translation for menstruation]
after dubya's speech the world listens
flopped on the bed with garden dirt
it can rain on their parade and the daylily transplants too
part of the day partly sunny the other part partly cloudy
just torture the guy says the american with a right-wing stub
why give an 'armandgetem' who sold what to whom and when
first swallowtail sails by just long enough to see what i have
too many haiku what have i gotten myself out of
a worn-down woman attached to a run-down house
the wonder of morning tv snails make love in the glow of an aria
all its short life called a weed
under a dogwood in dogwood winter sprouts of another notion


bristling racy vital harsh angry grating noisy sharp zany essential
Raw NerVZ Haiku a journal edited by Dorothy Howard

'the dorothy connection' 4/02-1/03

forth and back talking heads interrupt the lies of one another
hemlocks i watched 30 years downed for his uphill road
to emphasize she's a babe the music turns towards sex[y]ism
drained from a day of green leaves and black dirt
hidden in a slow melt the slow melt
fit to be untied last year's blackberry stalks hold their ground
more rubble with bodies to fill in the blanks of my mind
runaway headed toward more people places & things with a catch
24/7 channel all the news that's fit to abuse
pist at the men pist at each other
caught in a pain-in-the-ass conversation about pain relief
good grief once more someone's on the cutting edge
no matter how swell the haikuland endeavor no one owns haiku
there they go again talkin' peace thru their clenched fists
shape up and ship out any old 'axes' will do
dead in the woods a little girl undressed to the teeth
'i don't remember' from one of the wise men
if haiku's 'nothing special' & wordless i'll take a wordful something
it'll get worse before it gets better if it'll ever quit getting worse
if only the other bunch would join us with a little nonessential stuff
not a split personality tho sometimes i regret it's all nature to me
a big limb falls from the walnut not 'a big stick'

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