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haiku on haiku three

[collected from 'one-line linked haiku' pieces & sequences]

cup of hot coffee neglected in the heat of their kigo argument
acid rain crow on a withered branch
haiku freed from japan the rest of the world breeds a boss a minute
perpetuation of a bad myth i'll pass on the math
to know today longer than yesterday perfect time for a heady haiku
uh-oh an elector-for-haiku-management essay
unnatural on one hand the season word rules for unruly nature
what's lost in the poem the translation
up late until it's early a haiku forms itself around one already written
too cold to play in the dirt i make-do with a dirt haiku
the 'other rens' of three the world-at-large & the world-at-small
the trap of nothing special
yet to be proofed a bit of proof i once took up space in haiku
typed the poem unlike the one in my head
rules & regulations of the new editor tricks of the trade rehashed
once in a while i learn my creative spirit creates anger
just to get published the beginning poet lets go of of of something
haiku on the way on the way back grocery list
artists need no permission yet a jillion 'authorities' throughout time
basho nor i base all form on a crow in autumn dusk
haiku book in english but i can't bear to find the right moment
global warming put that in seventeen syllables
fresh out of ideas writing hung up on the way things aren't
macmouse problems the iffy arrow during a haiku
i didn't know to duck as a haiku cock lashed out with his fan
trap hell the three hundred year old mind control
up and down off and on a late late night haiku about the day
the need to think in female red won't let go
shorter than some longer than others a 'one-breath' haiku
past fake 'traditions' in every endeavor known to man
our bejeweled fingers quite often don't even point to the moon
my content frozen in its tracks he says wrongly
an 'aha' moment or a woodpecker at a pine for bugs
farther into the woods with no art in sight
a chill in the air many of our poets simply outgrow haiku
a day of nothing not even 'nothing special'
all politics news haiku nature local except that which isn't
so many words sayable if i remember which
ideas trampled by knee-jerking haiku cops and robbers
still written while under the influence western haiku
mushy haiku for the old editor who'd probably say not quite*
what i hold onto in these times tsuki and yama **
reverence of haiku rather than reverence of our feelings
forgotten the poem not the moment
bank statements in a haiku magazine mailer unbalanced
dang 'em old translators screw basho but bad
female-bashing in life why stop there female-bashing in egolessness haikuland
i can take haiku out of japan and japan out of haiku
my haiku here and there if anyone has a need for such things
handed-down 'truth and beauty' not much if anything
if i choose i can write nonhaiku within haiku and call it haiku
i don't care if it is symmetrical the heat
laid-back writers at the haiku meeting five poems apiece
hardly a haiku on the horizon
'opinion elite' [sic] crawl out of nonegolessness to err
so much lieku to get beyond
haiku without hype just a little something i am today
shaking like a kigo-ing going gone leaf
still too hot for a sensible haiku especially a nothing special haiku
what did i just say and what was i about to say
just to mention less than 17 the hot air balloon remains aloft
so many rules of grammar a bath of humidity
only 9% of criminals get caught another 3-line translation
dense fog trapped into putting words together
a kigo basho felt but never heard tell of today's heat index
heavy frost warning haiku revolution
random drive-by shooting random drive-by art rules
they didn't write tanka in fake fives did they
low pressure front freedom of information in haiku
ukner ro agner
when not in japan do what the japanese haiku poets do
one flies east one flies west

* for bob spiess
** japanese moon & mountain


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