marlene mountain
one-line haiku sequence
june 26 1981


a sequence for w

even as winter set in your anger made sense
no one learned from your hysteria we did
what you said about men true except for him and him, maybe
your disappearing caused a painting: isolation
you've not seen four months of my life the paintings
i no longer drink
you remember the sarvice it bloomed birds now eat the seeds
i head home just to be here
you remain in the city in your kitchen chair
i'm glad your voice isn't calm
the past isn't eating at you it's the present
women have no past but our moon
greeks called it suffering in the womb that's when women begin losing out
tho you've calmed a little the world still treats its women rotten
one of my paintings titled can women's art help? i know the answer
women have plenty to paint
i've never touched another women's real painting

Frogpond 4 :3 1981; Rebirth of Artemis 2:7 1987

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