marlene mountain
one-line haiku sequence
june 3-4 1986



end of may

saturday afternoon a collect call i'm in trouble
she hitchhikes i make arrangements
her backpack off a last minute loan of underwear
hurried check cashed at the service station
getting there a blue map in the phone book 2-d
a groan as i see the doctor's name
reputation fucking teenagers first or telling parents
parking lot in the heat
you in a bad mood he asks when i don't smile
i want to shove it up his monopoly
the after hours unairconditioned waiting room
clever male sayings on the walls
he breezes out to pack for national guard camp
she's crying
no counseling just a half assed verbal pass
the nurse's womanface
do you have trouble with the right wingers
it flares up we're lucky no sidewalk
since i'm here might as well overdue urine test
27 years apart both of us negative
toward home a few words odor of new mown grass
her call to him his crying
i'll be there in the morning he says on your bike
our talk of the political the spiritual

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