marlene mountain
one-line haiku sequence
january 1987


sunset moonrise moonset sunrise

heavy rain ends the firecracker stand reopens
another crossword puzzle abandoned the heat
you arrive the whole world to talk about first
a walk on the land just to walk on the land
rush hour traffic one mountain flows into another
summer night only the lone of lonely
art show the talk of anger linear thinking 'progress'
summer into autumn bleeding
after you leave i sleep another night on our sheet
an autumn day i read about myself in a book
turning leaves falling leaves the pine its very color
after love a dream of lazy susan breasts
yearly checkup only heard of the g spot he answers
puffiness full moon
i leave your garden a swallowtail between my legs
autumn ends jim's cafe now a baptist church
what's that truck got in it what's in that train passing
your sperm now mine
birthday a poem about the end of the world
can the poets still draw
a long hard day your voice after all the coins c-l-a-n-g
cold rain a smoke outside the doctor's office
secluded in the mountain seduced
on the store's loud speaker the fraud of christmas
old tennis shoes one lace thinner
a cold cold cold night our bodies bare
solstice a bright card for goddess
the long night shadows too gather around the woodstove
alone tonight i eat tongue
can't get away from it merry christmas on radio moscow
the year ends my new one yet to begin
beneath the covers we unwrap the moon and stars
1 in 7 americans poor
home from the market news of a trillion dollar budget
you and the night spent
still no one knows me the meadows of winter
free freedom
alone the word 'enter' enters me
snowed in the color of coffee
the room rearranged still can't get it said
half asleep you call me pretty
all the wood gotten able to believe spring will come
out in the world the hunger to get back home
not an argument in over 7 years not one tonight
a day too close to nature
don't want to save 14 cents the millionth day of winter
you leave wanting you again
huwomankind i guess we're to be blown away just like that
tired of being called the american people
if you were here tonight i would repeat myself a while
could there be 10 miles of peace again
smeal: we have been trying to improve life on earth
with the first buds you
early spring not to write about it but to be out in it
physically now in the sacred grove


Wind Chimes #26 1988

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