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one-line linked haiku 50  march 2-19 2003

pine needles

pine needles in autumn-raked piles reappear in conversation
female activists naked in a field a protest against testosterone
a trail still untakable onion set thoughts pushed into the past
lapsed liability insurance 'torture talk' on tv
full of agreement the sun and the green
a brief escape from myself into the valley
light as a feather the first butterfly
a change of attitude while the crocus purples
yet one more womb-envy 'mother of all bombs' creation myth
elizabeth found the police & fbi nab more credit than deserved
alone in my element the very ground that holds it all together
clouds fill whatever that peeps around the pond with anticipation
a tired being in bed the sight of what got done rumbles through
the azores summit so that's that and on to the next so that's that
overnight a winter wonderland the trees suddenly otherworldly
nipped in the bud this month's check
her blue ribbon replaced with black to blank
one daffodil as i leave in the rusty truck

34m haiku poet, anne mckay, 1932-2003

one-line linked haiku 51   march 24-april 19 2003

cool day in spring

as if there'd been no winter tiger swallowtail
wish those yankees could come home and plow
covered in white the yard we said needed mowing
out like a lamb into only 24 hours for we foolish to be illuminated
with a pow unidentified remains rescued in the dead of night
a gobble from the edge of the woods tadpoles burst their seams
thunderstorms relieve the heat which had just relieved the chill
the doors open wide if only more than two doors to open wide
the good news and the bad news & i don't know which is which
up too early the world still a mess
iraq a playground for the big 'corporapetions'
in a fog until i reunite with buds though nipped
disappeared up to the boy's elbows
rushed away settled silt with the unsettled
tight-lipped the long briefing of a general
few flat unshady spots left irises grown too fond of themselves
art stolen from the ancient sands of more femaleness than now
too close for comfort from his fishing spot two bodies wash ashore

35m scott peterson

one-line linked haiku 52    april 21-may 13 2003

bloodroot blossoms

bloodroot blossoms settle into the earth while it lasts forever
as if waiting just for me to resume their flutter the porch moths
even in poverty the pull to sneak nonhuman nature into words
i forget is it oil for food or food for oil
the 'sars' scare trapped at home by spring
toe-high the milkweed
a fourth cup of coffee while the sun has its
breaking news irises
'road map' for peace will men ask for directions
how could it be may already though i've suspected so for weeks
attached to the attachment new-born valerie in the next state
winds of change the rosebush rambles out of its soaked planet
the secrets of government my secret dragonflies from dubya
papal visit and a billboard in spain 'you too can be a saint'
in the space above the surrounding hills a surrounding hawk
humidity reeks with yellow-headed daylilies
a breeze rushes through the poplars and leaves
blackberry winter a touch of perspective

one-line linked haiku 53    may 15-june 8 2003

unopened flowers

lightning highlights the fading glow
are the 'peace makers' just gonna sit down again
white irises tinged with nonwhite
constant pal that same crow or so it seems to my naked eye
a good morning i combed the leaves and raked the hair
the drizzle ends something like it hangs on to our every word
tomato plants revive a dragonfly finds a few reeds to its liking
easier said than dug the wouldn't-bamboo-look-great-here patch
less than cute the vast right of right-wing 'neocon' conspiracy
heavy delay by dew swallowtail wings
toppled saddam statues reach out with arms
'french open' muddy between the hills of home
when dead but not gone will the paintings survive
dumped on by 'the weather channel' mother nature
it's a free country still a craving to say that
old-fashioned cukes petal from the earth beneath my nails
on the greenest of green look-alike ladybugs do it in plain sight
remember elvis and when rock and roll was here to stay


17m neo-conservative

one-line linked haiku 54    june 9-29 2003

roar of the creek

roar of the creek almost an impeachment sound in the air
the truck left pointed toward a tomato plant toward a bloom
a quiet fog takes over the darkness forecast of a short poem
deer and ticks and deer ticks
not on the cutting edge lilies remain in the valley
the last comment or so the crow might think
unable to slow humidity's rush toward summer
red-hot pokers so hot they're cool
hillside pine still dead but not forgotten
don't take me to any 'leaders' they stand & lie then sit & lie
a latin name a common name neither looks like what's flown
sniper attacks & genocide an 'africa' party thrown by the royals
pain & fatigue could it happen to a nicer person for a change
in stark contrast the scent of orange overtaken by yellow-orange
on serve at wimbledon baggy dress code of the non-fairer sex

lightning bugs but not a drop in sight
with dawn a chance for tomorrow
turned in on itself the heat

one-line linked haiku 55    july 1-29 2003

a few minutes of hail

fight over mother nature's land called god's
heavy mist seeds of the red poppy
a wood thrush passes through the woods
'voice of opposition' the plight of a caterpillar to a milkweed
on the line clothes draw in the day's worth of a floating heat
still written while under the influence western haiku
hardly a leg to stand on tommy-toes in scattered thunder
lift-off to mars where green men with big eyes hide out
a tough question for dubya & a squirmy tough-guy answer
against the flutter of moths the window
are you blue or purple a good morning glory kiss
a rerun of 'shogun' tomorrow does not exist
two less children and one less shovel to sell
a further right-wing spin on the right-wing news
laid back the glads in bloom
color photographs of the dead 'evildoers' a world apart
signs of deer all the way to unripe apples deep in the meadow
within the downpour of cicadas one more withering sound

13m small tomatoes
26m sarah and philip gehring

one-line linked haiku 56   july 29-august 24 2003


hummingbird on a branch above the colors of my summer
lily and dubya which knows when it's time to call it a day
'missing girl hoax' the multiple personalities of the pretender
seeds of the blue flowers gathered & scattered
filled with a weeks' worth of rain 2nd-hand clothes
the pleasure of dirt tainted by problems on the earth
brakes break from hardly going a hermit undone
not much achanging bobby they're still in the way
thick as thieves held up by irises to save
drowned out by the gullywash katydids high on the trees
'the ripple effect' from a new york bright and sunny blackout
my explanation made little sense to some of the readers and me
the 5000-year war against females goes on longer elsewhere
each curve toward the ancient mountain valley a moveable moon
cucumber plants and the rim of a water pail and a leopard frog
evening folds around the folded morning glories
out of the green an indigo bunting
soup in august a few garden soupish things that's why

one-line linked haiku 57   august 28-september 19 2003

the rain we didn't get

new potatoes and left-over moths dry on the porch
on top of toppled-down irises toppled-down glads
a don't-do-it chart about smoking she lights up
new moon sirens from far off pass toward a place farther off

a personal relationship for a while with a japanese beetle
flower bed widened i heard myself whisper the words next year
like the 'dixie chicks' embarrassed dubya's from texas [& usa]
slippery slope with the right amount of curves pampas grass
a week into september everything that could go wrong hasn't
her life-long desire streets paved with gold
a burst of touch-me-not weather
healthy-looking osama on the rocks
a dogwood shows one more side of itself
left from right right from wrong what's wrong with the right
officially cuke plants and their bugs unplanted in mist
saved somewhere a letter the next letter says to disregard
isabel the talk of evacuated towns pat questions & answers in the air
intellectual by gosh a daylily juxtaposed with anything to pretend aha

one-line linked haiku 58   september 19-november 2 2003

autumnish now

autumnish now the should-it-have-happened war wars on
an arm full of electric shocks the windy mist settles down
a ton of monarchs by word of mouth gather on her asters
a bit of rain perhaps the clothes don't mind
an old tin roof and walnuts meet halfway
a spider rebuilds its nest discontent in mine
crows walk the pine needles beneath a deep blue
a wall meanders to steal more stolen land
in spite of protests the artist didn't budge
a batch of uncomfortable haiku the fight over a feeding tube
wide-open doors the dread of one-handed hair washing
that extra hour of sleep up too early to appreciate it
first sighting of a junco a trek downhill to the old balsam
between that and this plots to kill on both sides of the ocean
bedded down with enough color to think about daylilies
notes scribbled on a paper plate inside
too much too soon november first
'intelligence on the ground' the earth kind

19m terri schiavo in florida

one-line linked haiku 59   november 9-december 30 2003

strange melancholy

hydrangea blooms the right brown for right now
the excuse revised in small words for war
left-handed wrist splint holds some of my brain together
whatever direction there was lost in the curled-up maple leaves
update on the license plate of a rusty dusty toyota full of sun
what about an uproot from the land near colored dirt of elsewhere
'god-ordained marriage' & devil-ordained divorce had one of them
along comes the fbi to track protesters of dubya and company
pampas grass fallen all over itself still not back the test results
hardly a haiku on the horizon
in the past that fresh start
out with the flu or is it in with the flu
scare tactics from two of the scary men
so full of art the film ended without an art ending
a look back too complicated to sum up [and down]
'orange alert' let's throw that into the kigo mess of word rules
unable to make up my mind hinged on their minds and red tape
the gift package arrived safely three percussive frogs to play

one-line linked haiku 60   december 30 2003-january 18 2004

too dark too early

too dark too early for me how goes it with the wrens
no others in the universe those sent songs to be sung
replacements off to have their heads hunted in the light
without irises ideas remain without them
winter break doors open wider than possible
hard to believe i've gotten myself to this age
in an awkward moment the pine needles
left to itself a moon without subtitles
an unfamiliar snow plow uncovers an unfamiliar street
a towhee beneath their feeder 'windows' created by a thief
the electric bill unopened how the pampas hardly exists
with no warning a blank page nothing normal about much
the perfect poem a disgruntled ex-employee snitches on dubya
soft foods for the old jawbones still too cold for a warm snap
front porch an inkling how much more of 32 years to avoid
begun 'on the wrong foot' judge to michael jackson
'all's well that . . . ' morning glory seeds laid flat-out
stretched to the limit a red-closed curtain

one-line linked haiku 61    january 27-february 21 2004

the best of a bad thing

fast-talking forecaster i'll just wait and see
how to 'keep on the sunny side' between two little hills
more women in the world but look who's fucked it up
'biological changes over time' a new religious term for evolution
in some part of my mind the notion of daylilies still alive and red
way past midnight the wind flows through what's already gone
magazine page a big snow haiku beside a bigger snow haiku
one-finger typing a broken idea on the way to a broken poem
oh brother another male assumes males painted the caves
the melted yard a brain sad for itself
the side of the road that runs back home
in just a few words a thought
no appetite hope maybe in a peanut butter jar
a wisp of a girl found of course found less than herself
i've passed it by stuff i love
one bed cover rests comfortably on a chair not too far away
hidden in a valley in a valley hidden from me patches of deer
sex in the country perhaps no different from 'sex in the city'

4m carter family song
7m proposal for georgia schools

one-line linked haiku 62    february 22-march 19 2004

holy cow

holy cow about to bust out my worn-down mountains
sworn on his testicles the lies larger the cell just right
winter wonderland i plow through a pile of illegal papers
fear of the future the past partly over
the best of both worlds where are those worlds
on the up and up a march sky
daffodil shoots separate but equal
i was like that until the coming frost
'wide-spread rape' in iraq who hates the women
warm clothes on the line wait on warmth in the old house
international day for females a vote for matilda joslyn gage
chickadees hop from the dense boxwood full of sunlight
the closed gallery where beautiful arguments arose
dramatic or just plain old nature purple of a crocus bunch
something in a poem that refuses to allow itself to fall out
cold shed two trowels still nestled
an image of rain a rain of images
bigger than i could ever be the new green

3m the old way to testify
18m quote by john kerry on 'cnn'
21m author of 'woman, church and state: the original expose
of male collaboration against the female sex,' 1893. reprint 1980

one-line linked haiku 63  march 20-april 15 2004

it could be any day

four less years for forty-three
under the weather iris tips reach up
a bit of snow follows a bit of warmth
anniversary of a corporate greed coal mine explosion
war film on one side a romantic interest thrown in
entangled pampas rakes remain on their rusty nails
curtains closed on the sun where anything goes
spring bounces back and forth where to and where from
is haiku open-ended or not how 'bout open-minded
she tells him her opinion about nose rings
relaxed yet it comes through forsythia
a sneaked-away was-he-even-there terrorist
mist upon mist upon something hilly
on the line pins wobbly hung
big and strong in storm-dark a season word
phoebe with the same voice as 2003
yellow butterfly yellow flowers purple flowers blue butterfly
'actionable intelligence' inside a scruffy locust trunk
overnight wonderland slowly disappears into a green land

2m dubya

one-line linked haiku 64   april 16-may 8 2004

in the mood

in the mood already for love the dandelions
the moon follows as far as i'm willing to go
i'm the higher father a religious god tells dubya
eyes of the primroses my son takes away
killers when they come back from killing
behind in email marked 'hot' and those not
through dogwoods a bit of a breeze
'ground operations' into planted bombs
do they still believe all the blue is crow blue
a little green under the pampas ragged clinging to itself
still in the washer clothes too tired for a trek to the line
through muddy ruts to 'the healing garden' to a lilac odor
wind comes and goes with the sun with the screen door
one-state israel/palestine let be olive trees of old
haiku full of every kind along comes another 'but it's this'
more lies to the world fake apology from a big shot
irises rear their pretty heads
at a crossroad 'yojimbo' goes right

36m 1961 akira kurosawa film

one-line linked haiku 65    may 9-30 2004

snowstorm goes elsewhere

the lust of 25% americans world sex trade of kids
past the broken bridge excited honeysuckle
idle garden buckets if not for a little rain to hold
old truck pointed in the right direction if only i could find mine
with legs about to push through into warmth wiggly tadpoles
a flicker flies off with its flickerness a few trees deeper
the ancient overdue neolithic symbols with women creators
a little pollution here a little pollution there soon add up . . .
moths gather at home to die
planted in the wrong spot first daylily to bloom
freed not enough american-abused prisoners in iraq
'french open' the dedication to crushed bricks
across the road a grouse 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 chicks
in a sea pineapple 'spongebob squarepants' and tie
calf-deep the grasses of spring the grasses of spring haiku
six more months of toyota rust in the valley a one cicada
in a burst of an old energy a few pretty weeds weeded

30m kids' cartoon

one-line linked haiku 66  may 30-june 24 2004

standing-tall irises

standing-tall irises past their blooms full of tomorrow
a little girl's face looks out from a telephone pole
so many enemies i'm to have now well dubya i haven't
something healing about 'the healing garden'
i've disconnected the dots the stars
what did they know and when did they hide it
green cash for his last 6th grade report card
rickety chair on the earth a fall onto its cool self
cloudbursted gullywash
heels over heads for reagan the daddy-needers
around the world a heaven a middleplace an underplace
if the pack of dogs howls thru again the red hot pokers
a holey sweater last evening this morning full of sky
9/11 commission pushed along by left-over relatives
far-flung ideas milkweeds thru pebble paths in hopes
lights off a moth watches tv movies
company leaves & leaves gifts & laughter
heavy dew on the heavily-soaked ground

one-line linked haiku 67  june 25-july 28 2004

married 37 years

rained in and rained out
higher than a kite the pileated
'battleground state' not on this piece of land
dubya's democracy soldiers at the mercy of 'bring 'em on'
a silent sky touch and retouch orange and red daylilies
first run for groceries stopped by a sore truck a sore arm
where's the little brown bat flown behind bedroom books
thick humidity various seeds to a family who's adopted me
left after the neighbor's fireworks the neighbor's stars
i forgot i've got memory problems
wrapped around the shade sweet peas
martha stewart 6 months of prison decoration
c-span call-in show the left the right the other
come november 2004 unmarried 26 & counting
bankruptcy for the cathedrals of bankrupt collars
the road past the computer past the valley to a dirt patch
the many paint colors hidden away a time still not idea-worth
cucumber vines with not enough rope to hang them

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