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one-line linked haiku 1  october 14-28 2002

a sweet rain

a sweet rain from mother nature trashed by 'the weather channel'
bought lock stock and barrel a parade for christopher the wise guy
in the homes of women where patriarchal ideals run rampant
in go the do-gooders out goes the culture
so much cleaner not to believe anyone's stuff
escapist from the economy the take-him-out prez
early neolithic female art is female art is art
out of this world the place i live the most
a conspiracy that's even further vast than right
leaves smeared in fog on the most potential haiku branch a crow
much to overturn not rocks to find how males ran it from the ground
chief moose maybe it's a bonnie and a clyde or a cross-dresser or
'tis the season to jump the tracks of railroaded myths galore
scratched into my blood the appearance & disappearance of purple
back from the clothesline and hung up in html 'back to main contents'
out for revenge the thirsty americans
'train up a child in the way' of adult crap
weeping willow abused


one-line linked haiku 2   october 30-november 20 2002

his face camouflaged

do we bomb putin who 'gassed his own people'
cold creeps into a haiku as it begins
breeding ground for patriotism nonpatriotism
'love it or leave it' which uncrooked country has a field of daises
an idea dropped behind to rot takes hold in a far-fetched mountain
i live in moons within calendars which deny our mother's creation
in damp air a wren calls from a stand of poplars gone autumn
warning after the forewarning of that black gold alaskan quake
be a good boy be prepared to believe in anything higher than you
pampas grass leans a little out of its place
older and wiser when needed the least
after they rammed the broom the blue silence
the polygamist full of his ideals for them
on the edge a butterfly wing
matristic potions charred stakes cooked women
tv talk show all they're still saying give testosterone a fat chance
electric heat on lower than necessary in such a hot cruel world
home at last a deer grazes where a grouse grazed this morning

one-line linked haiku 3
 november 20 2002-january 1 2003

dust bites man

dust bites man a jury finds for the dead woman though still dead
you're nobody if you're not on the haiku 'watch list' of the fbi
a beach in spain or is it a beach in spain but what it is forever
winter solstice just around a stonehenge corner
martian conspiracies kissinger heads the 9/11 kiss-off
dear god-he 'are you washed in the' earth
new battery a fresh start to hang here alone
zero-tolerance policy in the hands of empty heads
tangled up in old maybe-poems
brag on a hundred-year-old crony and turn into a pillar of salt
sean penn 'a hollywood-type' trashed as unamerican by tv-types
lives under the covers of darkness under the cover of darkness
convenient flat back thru the aisles of winn-dixie a can of tire food
how to suspend a female from a tree & quarter only the beginning
from the ark's alpha sperm or 'out of africa' smoking guns galore
without much evidence the daylily patch
unworldly now most of the world
the last and the first of a male calendar

10m/19m they resign--more proof that haiku can change the world

Lynx 18:2 2003

one-line linked haiku 4   january 4-february 27 2003


on his way to san quentin to jerk off
fresh snow on the getting-even-older hills
countdown and showdown and here i sit
'women's art' in a world devoted to each exploitation of 'the other'
plastic bags worse than paper or paper sacks worse than plastic
finally the end of a long day that wasn't even long enough
an old song & dance not yet frozen in time 'the haiku people blues'
frantic wren trapped on the screened porch blame it on terrorism
affirmative action trashed followed by a speech on mlk jr the nerve
mother/sister au set do you still drape our earth
an afternoon to run out of words
1 in 4 live near a superfund site 4 in1 w/o funds
a famous baby due today forever due
a thawed path to the blacktop not ready to take
a guy's 'freedom fries' to diss the french
late february iris tips in a second push toward the end of purple
temporary power failure in the valley the power failure at duke
change of scenery changes back no chance of being hung out to dry

one-line linked haiku 5   march 2-april 22 2003


democracy tossed about in the wind as a real word/real world
heartened by the small bit of orange a butterfly already gone
no doubt march 8th marchers imprinted in the big boy files

barely on purpose uncovered the deep past
the yak-yak revised is saddam dead or alive
far longer than i watch them three deer watch me
with god on every side so little room for the devil
spring snow in most of the tv lies to someone else
into the crevices of mother nature her leafy mold
kill and degrade overused so handy the masculine 'soften up'
the heat of early spring a piliated low across the bulldozed path
nothing i can do about much one of the four tulips in bloom
seen and not heard a female grouse heard but not seen a male
'baghdad falls' go dubya go with your constitution and calculator
dogwood winter restless nature clothes hang inside to dry
swept away with their homes crayfish
the moon so full it belongs outside a haiku
the blues nina simone of the night

36m [1933-2003] 'mississippi goddam!' dr simone's first protest song

lynx 8:3 2003

one-line linked haiku 6   
april 26-june 23 2003

buried at sea

the rage 'sars' masks with designer prints
dirty relief for the feet of a butterfly weed
just to set the record straight i always was
stolen from the rr tracks yellow irises now cold and staked
under the guise of haiku a war of pretty words turned petty
a few of the first purples kissed a few of the dying-out kissed
what's not next french or freedom fries at mcdonald's in iraq
no godliness little cleanliness a spring high in my own nature
empty nest syndrome the phoebe catches heck for nothing
oops missed dubya's speechwriter's dubya speech
when gone will the daylilies have anyone to take care of
how to ruin a mountain if it has a top
around the little pond what likes to be around
lined up dick-deep to trash martha and hillary
a perfect age for the new worries
awake before the humidity before the pain before the primroses
never moonless tho trampled littered flagged and shadowed
'both sides' doesn't include me and perhaps a gang of 'the others'

24m 50 years of ego up everest
35m simone de beauvoir: he is the absolute--she is the other

lynx 18:3 2003

one-line linked haiku 7   june 20 2003-january 29 2004

talk dirty

talk dirty to me the last spring morning with its last drizzle
outlook for red falls on pink shoulders of a spider plant
a breeze floats in floats back into the oblivion of tomorrow
everyone's god on everyone's side everyone's lost
shut in with a good case of humidity
50 percent chance for separated brains gone
'hunting for bambi' ie naked women by 'wimps'
just perfect a fresh garlic alone
muggy day a box turtle in the squishy part
rain flaps through the window into poems of a thunderstorm
an old priest murdered in prison if only hell weren't a figment
male oil of yet another male country that's what they crave
even this second her thumbprint heavy on the minutes left of me
eyes now on pampas as heads undo themselves toward winter
doctor visit & fast food all the patriarchy i can stand for one day
before the happy ending i teared at the sad part
how much of the world digs dug-in dubya
bed-ridden beneath the snow the iris patch

12m iranian twins ladan and laleh bijani
14m las vegas paint-ball safari tho considered a pr hoax by some is
nonetheless in the culture's consciousness
21m child molester john geoghan

lynx 19:2 2004

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