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[3 w/tom clausen]

one-line linked haiku one  november 21-december 31 1998

a no-no beginning

a no-no beginning autumn winter spring summer in the same haiku
she's accused of 'intentionally acquiring and misusing semen'
grateful shop owner: a rush for guns this time of the year
'word' spell-check gingrich=jingoism popeye=pope
aids-injector bad dead-beat dad jail & death too good
'what the world needs' less is more erects
heavy frost in hampton heavy anger in the hearings
creative energy squashed by an editor's definition
a no-no middle hope republicans on a stroll beneath
environmentally-correct nature with no need to imitate art etc
latest ape-man find yet god's courthouse 10 commands heat up
first snow nothing justifies that i wasn't allowed to think
deep ruts of a backhoe paired yet again repair and disrepair
on another channel for bigger bucks humiliation on a cold night
apparent they can't 'chew bubblegum & dance at the same time'
limbs into kindling slowly things i used to do no more
the week that was odera's span beyond the womb
yes yes to a never-ending stretch of freed-up

3) excuse for not paying child support 21m) washington county tennessee
29m) rep bill mccollum of judiciary committee 34m) octuplet


one-line linked haiku two     april 16-23 1999

one plus one: 1

in the back yard rusty vw i drove in another life
if there's a lull in the blooms the new trowel's red handle
intertwined in my mind tangled bodies in kosovo in columbine
mom and pop no doubt i sure will be glad when crow can feed itself

noiseless the vacuum cleaner since spring began with a rake
we're in the wrong business such dough the media make from tragedy


one-line linked haiku three       april 25-26 1999

one plus one: 2

allowed to repeat moon & flower unallowed to repeat rape & incest
god-shit of course before during after under over around through
not to hear the national anthem/the constitution 'cause i think
home alone my hair like a movie witch but full of nature dirt
in the littlest pond a snapping turtle hopefully a female-snapper
years of intimidation and sorrow yet decreasing habitat of birds

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