marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku
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[w/dennis dutton aka karma tenzing wangchuk]


one-line linked haiku  december 16 1998-january 3 1999

on all alike

not enough snow to plow the house plows on
spider seeds dry enough for zip-lock baggies
'george eastman made the first strip film'
wrongful insemination will someone pay thru the nose
glad tomorrow another day and longer with nowhere to go
neighbor's backhoe in mud near my given-up-on homesite
how a tiny female sculpture lasts half a million years
mountain mailbox a jewel of a letter from cactus land
real psychic readings and real women for masturbation
from sunday to sunday tiny ounces of odera
i try very hard not to art what i know
funniest ever hiro's 'when i raised my face'
red meat in a 'discovery channel' voice
the buddy system the domino effect
back to earth y2k bug & non-millennium fears
'when it concerns a woman does anyone ever want the facts'
dennis see
between snowed-in and snowed-in alone with what i have

6m) old film on film, 'tcm' 7m) boston regional medical center 20m) octuplet
24m) 'a favorite haiku' 31m) marlowe in 'lady in the lake'

Raw Nervz Haiku 5:4 1998/99

two-line tanka by two: 1   december 28-29 1998

poor william's almanac

fear of female seas a dirty big secret
once-a-month even eleven-year-olds haiku for kids
creators' calendar denigrated by male time
hadn't a clue until my own blood now the tv ads
i yell across the pond that's the best time
blood on his mouth when i kiss & then more deeply

Raw Nervz Haiku 6:1 1999

two-line tanka by two: 2 december 31 1998-january 3 1999

urth earth irth

salt of the earth night sound of the snow plow
these worn-down mountains in them
no wonder stink bugs do it root odors rock odors
unearthed: a nest of bird shevinities
country dweller=pagan beyond political lies of rome
long trip out of africa all thumbs *

two-line tanka by two: 3    january 4-6 1999


two moons this month whatever happened to the era
downhill from she to love goddess to a man
giant leap usa flag golf balls soon ashes of death
unhomoonoked from japanese autumn a start
'when the mountain comes over the moon'
ragged luna on the ragged screen door

Raw Nervz Haiku 6:4 2001

one-line linked haiku  january 5-february 2 1999

red sound

first cold snap in deep night the red sound of pump trucks
between one line linked haiku links i win again at solitaire
no announcement needed another dangerous 'year of the male'
i crave morels i failed to seek in may
the wrongwing-get-clinton-conspiracy blues
bottom land dispute where a rusty fence ends
desmond a little boy artist without fingers
cold even the weather forecaster opinionated
jack-in-the-pulpit to vagina-in-the-woods
someone trying to save a marriage no sex no money 2 kids
mother nature hath no fury like a house manager's scorn
wow higg's 'anti-female bias of japanese society' & blyth
sudden break in the weather green bags to a green dumpster
grease-burn if red streak gets any longer er says get here
underground cave is that where the bomber lives his life
for a visual idea just a red relating to . . .
you could write a book: why i live at the p.l.
will this be the year the heron i raised returns

23m) 'modern haiku' 30:1


one-line linked haiku  march 29-april 2 1999

a space called cyber

kind words come through a space called cyber my mind melts
high school crush all summer he returns with a pregnant wife
oscar tuxedos the italian walks on the tops of chair backs
wonder when all will be said and done
neighbor dogs in the yard bark and sniff for moles
not done in japanese haiku but just fine with mm
law office shoes caked how to protect my land in death
tv show horse with a man's head or is it the reverse
no trail happy in their forced march madness
under rule of the father hisstory/history repeats himself
ireland never had snakes attempted goddess/symbol killing
tired bones muscles legs broken nails rough skin ah spring
old folks home nursing home rest home: retirement village
today another tomorrow earth raining on a blue april sky
'standing by live' a talking head on hold for commercials
captive soldiers are they blinking a code
baseball season spitting's back & philosophy
all day nature-crevicing i forget my life's work

one-line linked haiku     may 9-16 1999

leap and link

link and leap not unlike all of nature including ourselves
another tragedy again i ask for separation of god and tv
a few miles away a big tva pond i suppose it's still there
underwear the color of damp earth i ran my fingers thru
bird seed out of reach the mouse now rummages the shag

place your bet date of the next crackdown in china
whatever the original the translations: my land you die
no martha stewart a tangled garden i weave
life's too short to count
out of gas just as i get home heavy rain groceries a little boy
can't even afford those glitzy 'cheap imports' go figure
art project hang all the rapists/molesters by how they're hung
rerun of '4 weddings and a funeral' while i win at solitaire
intermingled with jacks & poison ivy the search for may apple
when called the birds come for seeds no cooking no washing up
post-election the fake wrestler admits his past
ecstasy of defeat when human animals lose to owls
oh what little ears you big mama frog no bull you

a '2fer1' one-line linked haiku  may 16-21 1999

here outta sight

no flight from the city from the 'burbs just here outta sight
even if i got the chance where's the bite: oh go fly a kite
a bit frightening when seen up close little-bitty dust mites
i call him r h blight more than a slight towards me
plight of bats of females man's sleight of hand
secretly delighted in spite of the daily hassles
a thin line if i invite or get invited to write
quite hidden in garden stones rites of our triangle
could use a light grooming the males in a fight
height of pain the dr i call mr recites: learn to live with it
another right-winger out of billions bites the political dust
says beneath him to paint a ceiling of trite sprites & whatnots
wind lightning rain trees uprooted near the abandoned home site
dynamite united the townspeople and those glued to their sets
politely to phd guys: goodall connected chimps tools termites
unrequited you-know-what best unrequited?
dispite--if that's a word--malachite--whatever that's
cellulite doubtful maybe jargon from 'the hite report'

2fer1: over-all rhyme sound with 2 on each line 14) thin line: one-line


a '2fer1' linked haiku   may 22-30 1999

so many oms

'om-wom-om' a painting from '80 'womtra'
i'm the she a nondomed hat chromed red
before greco-roma we roamed free
run off by spring peepers i'm homed in away from loam
doubtful romeo's romance woulda got writ with cnn around
a momentary lapse in judgment put the foreigner in a coma
as homely as gomer pyle watermelon seeds on my nightshirt
1st visit to the moma small world my art prof from oklahoma
haiku moment by any other name the fomenter's boomerang
homer's chromosomes or mcgwire's
homophobic the womanizer's only son
all those tomes on roman catholics where's mad o'hair
in omaha [etc] wom anatomy: cunctipotence
gomez on tv closest i'll get gnomes i don't know
not much in common alan lomax and perry como
another haiku just clitoridectomy and somali females
komban wa a handy greeting after cormorant fishing in aomori
momentum comes and goes i wonder if i've omitted anything

2fer1: over-all rhyme sound with 2 on each line


a '2fer1' one-line linked haiku    june 1-6 1999

behind a string

dirt farm where i farm dirt and flirt with worms
did we need to know dole's e.d. and outcome
profits and prophets of doom meet at 'doom'
deer and a newly-hired weedeater some flowers merely stubs
as the world swirls little girls trapped within tourist traps
after the wrestler's real death fall show business must go on
non-acceptance the acceptance of things as yet unknown to me
back from flowers at dusk into a dark house into a parked chair
we've been fooled contrary to popular myth re taboo in haiku
the crosses quarrel: public/private thirteen/fifteen
no lay-a-way it's nothing down no payment til august
ah to be deep in horse shit garden-aged of course
'i'm better at hello' streep tells the wrong man
everyone needs space to write her deeds
in between the big mistake that drove the stake
tomato plants fit to be tied as i undo the ties that bind
my brain unsettled until females regain our ancient mind
though nothing in nature's a freak of nature what ebb and flow

2fer1: over-all rhyme sound with 2 on each line

one-line linked haiku   june 8-11 1999

money talks

too much to chisel reagan's puss on rushmore
in the trash for plastic cards crook or rebel
'cash crop' where does it grow by the way
timmm-berrrrr the redwood off to nature-inspired japan
ball player pockets his balls eye on their market value
capitalist communists or vice versa or just 2 vices
doctor & i: . . . bottom line no it isn't yes it is no it
$billions here there soon add up to saving women & children
prostitution not the world's oldest profession malescholarshit
well who can we sue 'cussing-canoeist trial' begins
a fortune made on that made-up devil
entitled to food stamps yet can't do it
cyberspace 69% of sales 'adult' content
in a deep pit critics with reputations to live on
gee i wish i weren't rich and famous
no tax form since '83 no bomb bought no poor helped no road paved
so much dirt on my mind forgotten where i hid the mattress money
one bum to another what lives some of us won't trade for nothin

20m) cnn 6/10/99

the hiro connection

one-line linked haiku      june 13-19 1999
'Hokku and haiku have been written to congratulate, to praise, to describe, to express gratitude, wit, cleverness, disappointment, resentment, or what have you, but rarely to convey enlightenment.' Hiroaki Sato, ONE HUNDRED FROGS: FROM RENGA TO HAIKU TO ENGLISH, Weatherhill, New York & Tokyo, 1983.

one-line linked haiku   june 13-15 1999

to congratulate

you're doing the best anyone can in spite of vast clinton-haters
toward self-congrats uneasy in a what's-your-problem-girlie world
a governor's rethinking of life a killer wife's commuted term
authors of books which i throw across the room
better sooner than so late the medal for rosa parks
her viewpoint winnie begins to speak out

8m) howard zinn, 'a people's history of the united states';
susan brownmiller, 'against our will, men, women and rape';
susan b. pomeroy, 'goddesses, whores, wives, and slaves';
mary daly, 'gyn/ecology'

one-line linked haiku   june 13-15 1999

to praise

neglected garden better than it sounds asparagus
'marija finally an archeologist i can love'
how in the heck has this truck held out
overshadowed by disability not 'super' man's bright spirit
way back when the concepts of adobe and straw-bale houses
gay & lesbian pride month not rev drake: against the word of god

4m) dr marija gimbutas; mm haiku from 'birdy the topless neolithic bird shevinity'
painting series 7m) christopher reeve 11) cnn 6/15/99

one-line linked haiku   june 13-151999

to describe

in the blue vw blackberry brambles touch the top and bend
even 'go-to-town panties' faded bottom earth on the bottom
bank statements in a haiku magazine mailer unbalanced
front porch freezer chairs ping pong table broken for years
rain-clean pond where i don't watch the world go by
reading glasses an ear piece up the other out & down

one-line linked haiku june 13-15 1999

to express gratitude

home decor: leaks yet a roof over the mess the stress
rain the pretties even the rocks and i will dance
mother nature how would i make it without you
mrs box 'you like pink don't you' the start into thinking beyond
performance artist who pulled a scroll of wisdom from her vagina
haiku mates the energy the time the space for other ideas

9m) carolee schneeman

one-line linked haiku   june 14-16 1999

to express wit

moments unkeenly perceived that fill our heads notebooks magazines
baum's mother-in-law's 'woman, church & state' courage heart brain
flag day freedom a local vfw burns a hundred 'old glories'
hard to get under a man of few words
heat humidity starts blackberry winter
alone i make sense to myself

3m) matilda joslyn gage's ideas suppressed 100 years including by the likes
of susan b. anthony

one-line linked haiku   june 15-18 1999

to express cleverness

too smart to retie a tie
japaneasy haiku
10 commandments house-commanded for school
baseball cards he ruined as a child now his new shop full
'down there' + 'home is where the heart is' = 'down home'
to control our minds they cleverly dub ru-486 'baby pesticide'

one-line linked haiku   june 16-19 1999

to express disappointment

as i seek untruths i find untrue gossip about myself
dd's frogs banished from the frog pond this spring
hardly prey/predator just shelion's 'time to feed the kitties'
not left in the flower the moment
the fourth mistake the fourth estate
man-made myths my apples and snakes nature-made

one-line linked haiku   june 16-19 1999

to express resentment

gored by gore: god's green earth
bible reader's guide add sexism to 'vsld'
nra its unrealistic name
'the man show' et al ad nauseum called 'testosterone alley'
mr religion tells women what's what can't fix christ's bride
not enough years left to express emotions or fix the erosion

4m) tv ratings

one-line linked haiku  june 16-18 1999

to express what have you

to tamper with only a bit of my land the rest mama nature's
cable co's young man now knows one old wom's views of male tv
ideas trampled by knee-jerking haiku cops and robbers
he's kept waiting while i get junk food
i wake up to email full of caring
idea: editors send sase for our poems

one-line linked haiku   june 14-16 1999

to convey enlightenment

healing vision the pain told off but good
at my croning the witch shapes her voice into ours
alley a rusty red rectangle
cezanne 'still life' my first jolt into two-dimensional space
things as they aren't thru the eyes of any female told or not told
fresh from little moments to 'breaking news' of a broken world

Raw Nervz Haiku 6:3 2001


two-line tanka by two: 4    june 21-23 1999

of dirt

in the middle of a lull's lull
only part of the garden watered the guilt part empty
in early gnits & nats or whatevers
is it hormones such lust for a bed of dirty earth
yarrow blooming i'm ready now to reverse
what kind of field is it that grows organic junk food
holes in my dr scholl's shoes
out of most stuff can't get the necessary cabin fever
still dry between a rock and a hard place
wiggling soil a well-fed mole after the well-fed worms
at dusk the grub in a shirt pocket
he sweeps and mops lots of nature from my kitchen floor
touch-me-nots begin to orange
my nosy eyes unable to see the turtle's underside
earth-sitting for a space
the heat how will i ever search africa for hominids
all around the maple its profile
easy to give flowers away but not the clinging soil
hot salty face by the little pond
not a thing to drink but spring water from the tap

one-line linked haiku   june 24-28 1999

grim realities and such

to write of grim realities and such in spite of haikuland
conspiracy in that blue wall of silence a broom in a room
'until death' no d-i-v-o-r-c-e the single pope's bad dope

chemical run-off and sewage in the sun
wilted vegetables priced to the hilt
first the white-male god squad
out the car window the ring goes a non-widow
idealized or hated we she's in art
the pedestals of ignorance on which we dance our lives away
he won't let go of his sperm after the abortion she's laid low
mitochondria dna our mothers once led and fed the tribes
oceans of emissions fawned-over pleasure boats & lawn mowers
'corporapetions and big busyness' a red tapeworm runs through us
i like fingers that moon-point more than grim hypes from haiku-types
of wetland and land-fill which will turn into the other one guess
all along the roadside drunken cans
'railway killer' a kid filled with abuse
bold discrimination against the old et al

18m) so-called witch trials  

one-line linked haiku   june 28-july 4 1999

bright things

bright idea nature's evolution
reflected on the screen naked bulb
tho orange its name red-hot poker
after light rain iridescence of a feather on the pond
old-guarde: she's no longer haikuish mm: my poor 'mind' so dullish
a real hug from the seven-year-old and his big blue eyes
unable to sleep an email check in the dark two tiny green lights
bubbles on an old sponge in the late afternoon sun thru pines
firecrackers in the distance glint of pink as the trout leaps
mop against the house to dry mourning cloak
not many in the strawberry ice cream
beneath the cancellation a piece of canada
white ibuprofen tablet the heat
down the road american flag by a 'blackamoor'
agassi at wimbleton sun on his pate
'no-see-ums' on the beach at dusk coleman and cigarettes lit
dry brush i fear most in the mountains comfort in lightning bugs
behind these haiku the bright purple desktop pattern has to go

one-line linked haiku   june 28-july 4 1999

the heat

left-overs and garden onions
what have i become an enigma
a foreign art a misguided definition
'a heaven for' to distract us from nature
under yet grounded we dead-or-alive unwanteds
rumor of storms rumor of thunder just rumors
wisdom of a passionate buddhist after hours
elaborate farces the grail on pbs
heart tattoo on the hardened killer's kill
sleepy eyes and tomorrow's mist
i ramble on where i am
when mud-slinging was 'cide-free mud
an after-thought the males
web search not ready for myself
my little chickadee-dees respond
predicted rain here & now of someone else
none can claim king of our rolling hills
more heat those city slickers all het up

17m) 1993 film 'a perfect world'
30m) after w c fields & mae west

a 'hardly anything' one-line linked haiku   july 9-11 1999

a hyphen

painted sign a hyphen between sno cone
imprint after the quickly-removed bra
i'm out of focus a 50s brownie snapshot
at a loss sloth's rainforest
the salt won't shake the heat
a pop as the bulb's turned on
another soc sec letter unopened
on an empty stomach kid food
a message too subtle to get
one of those unreadable 'ku meetings
what's the deal soccer even women's
torn out of our tree the black sheep
tonight as short as i want it to last
rain over the medium-size fan on low
i miss it spring dirt under my nails
open spirit a pared-down poet
'i want to be left alone' meant
waves above the blacktop

34m) greta garbo


one-linked linked haiku    july 13-16 1999

in all seasons

valley's humidity hangs unseen
society pond a poet leaps past
away a day pretties still pretty
overshadowed and in the shade cucumber vine
electricity & phone bills for a little life
spoiled now as i watch sumo wrestling with dd
i shiver from images of wood piles & kindling
under the hill man's link mine somehow softens
30 years is that dang flag still on the moon
will my son care or be like john
the only door that locks ajar
everything but a cave for the bats
even in these mountains the heat
the fancy: long 3rd a in appalachia
worn down to nothing special
not a lot of moon a non-seasonal reference
cezanne's mountain a deep place in my mind
unable to let go the linking mounds go on

one-linked linked haiku  july 20-23 1999

sono mama

a hot hot dog for supper
female finch without gold
sadness in the unchipped cup
sidetracked by traces of my past life
creek's other side a scent picked up
medicine: a different heart a man ha
from the garden a basket of humidity
media in love with death questions
'the decisive moment' & right f-stop
hard road for an else-believer
the reprint no love sequences
update on o'hair an american
too hot to laugh to cry
barefoot 'crone w/o a cause'
already back kennedy bashers
a million a year & awe the sumo boys
the shaved dolled-up new york poodle
not a string attached still no rain


one-line linked haiku    august 31-september 4 1999

the first yellow leaf

what's left of last year's kindling stares back
don't know if the moon's waning i am
a thread from a sad part of my past hangs
lowell & jim mac: over their heads much of my blonde-headed art
his nest has to be just right or she'll fly to other heights
for you who may go and for i who'll stay a sky almost autumn
i want to be planted here but no ground has called out to me
just a long mid-life re-evaluation too simple too complex
if only we could get some rain i could begin the rock soup
time to turn on the porch light think of night
as he prepares a journey his haiku longer
for fish and for worms kitchen scraps the heat
letter in my lap a lonely once-met david
long time since i've asked when will you be here
even in this drought a pond of many degrees
a white-tail bounds into the brush headless sunflowers and me
bird or insect its cry strains my eyes through the window
how much longer inside themselves red green grey brown lichens

11m) after buson


one-line linked haiku    january 12-february 7 2000

the harold connection

'The custom of using kigo has hardened into an almost inviolable rule . . . the use of ki
is probably at the base of a charge that has been advanced that haiku are more concerned
with nature than with human affairs. Such a statement is ridiculous. Haiku are more
concerned with human emotions than with human acts, and natural phenomena
are used to reflect human emotions, but that is all.'

'Haiku may be of many kinds, grave or gay, deep or shallow, religious, satirical, sad,
humorous, or charming; but all haiku worthy of the name are records of high
moments--higher, at least, than the surrounding plain.'

one-line linked haiku  january 12-february 2-7 2000


still in the grave the heaven-bound wishmaker
'tennessee trash messing up the highways . . .'
cross-legged a thin young man listens to poems
'when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's' an ad
confederate flag high above 'your heritage is my slavery'
well before the blankets of snow a friend lost to depression

4m) psa song 7m) 'pizza hut' vision

one-line linked haiku  january13-28 2000


ratty nature clothes hung around the wood stove the cold
after the promise of what's now the promise of spring
alone in slow motion crystals form on a mud puddle
those owls i've tended she says by the pond i'm one
back from the land with no haiku to show for it
over the non-mood a cloudy day

one-line linked haiku  january 12-29 2000


seeds in his young mind before the gardener's gone
huge glacier chunks crash into the sea of life

impeachment for lying by god about blow jobs
are you better off now than you were as a hominid
thirteen billion dollars for 'star wars' not the movie
conspiracy theories and theories of conspiracy theories

one-line linked haiku  january 13-29 2000


a real meal dishes finally washed a cat on the window sill

of course a frog will jump into the sound of an old pond
golden decor of the tv network church a hint of heaven
tedious 'the day of the jackal' snowed in
a sportscaster's mouth dribbles hero worship
'salesgirl' bows lower to the sensei

one-line linked haiku  january 12-28 2000


as they argue over religion satisfied i have none
separation of church and money then what
back to her in paleoclay
the old yard spruce continues to heal itself with lush vulvae
maybe unknown to science hardly unknown to nature
hands deep in earth nothing to plant nothing to gather

one-line linked haiku  january 13-20 2000


not paid off can't afford to fix can't afford to throw away
then someone says at least you've got your health
back to a native tribe eighty-four thousand 'as is' acres
which republican wants to control our bodies the least
mother of all storms doesn't cause wrecks cars do
almost a painting idea and almost without words

one-line linked haiku  january 12-february 2 2000


blues mood more trees hauled down the road
monkey clones to improve the quality of humans
professional testosterone aglow with deadly lies
political fawning a black puppy given to the detained child
might as well rename them 'right bank' and 'golan depths'
roan mountain mobile home just that in the storm surge

one-line linked haiku  january 13-29 2000


call to a male neighbor: your big ram's at the back door
the charm of haiku lies in the writing not in the reading
on sale 'your personal truth verifier' computer program
rain to sleet to snow weatherguy's kigo: ice event
'if it weren't for bad luck i'd have no luck at all'
how we 2 misfitists ever got together

5m) 'truster' a telephone lie detector kit

one-line linked haiku  january 12-29 2000


worn out from emotions midday nap in spite of guilt
he brings septimbor to meet me i get to meet her
a little boy's love writing runs off the page
crazy about jeans she deflects an adolescent's need to crush
still together after all these years salt and pepper shakers
in love with steve in tight shorts in love with mom orangutan

11m) 'animal planet'

one-line linked haiku  january 13-29 2000


'high plains drifter' is there another way to make the point
up and down up and down a bit of level-headedness left
gravity-flow water through the tap unfrozen so far so good
oranges of a moon in snow before the shadow
looked-down-on hillbillies who literally look down
like i always say mountain wasn't worn down in a day

Raw Nervz Haiku

one-line linked haiku   december 6 2000-february 3 2001

the reginal connection

'Zen as it is related to the mind of the haiku poet is dealt with under
thirteen headings. selflessness, loneliness, grateful acceptance, wordlessness,
non-intellectuality, contradiction, humor, freedom, non-morality,
simplicity, materiality, love, courage
These are some of the characteristics of the state of mind which the creation
and appreciation of haiku demand.'
R. H. Blyth, HAIKU, Volume 1, Hokuseido, 1949/1969, page162

one-line linked haiku    december 6-23 2000


clothes i don't want given to one who probably doesn't want
all day the republican observer observes the hand count
unallowed as a santa she sues the company for equal rights
walnut hulls swept from the old tin roof
porch light not as yet on a young neighbor calls
both stay until the milking's over

one-line linked haiku   december 18-24 2000


first frozen night a siren up the county road
not from being alone from being misunderstood
only by its distant sound a woodpecker
too cold at this computer to create and discuss haiku
photographs of the land lean against the dusty books
i even miss the cartoons i have to watch with little josh

one-line linked haiku   december 6-23 2000

grateful acceptance

after 6 months of apple hell friends bring a mac tho not up to par
on the sill for peanut butter 2 carolina wrens a song sparrow
snowed in a hermit cancels tomorrow's appointment in town
expensive on high the one heater
solstice couldn't have come at a better time
solitaire shapes in a cluttered room

one-line linked haiku     december 18-24 2000


  an abstract painting hangs without a title
bruised the prisoner refuses to snitch
i stumble for the phone to a dial tone
nothing on the nightly news makes any sense at all
couldn't help it a bang on the wall to stop the gnawing
ice this side of the pane dissipates tap water off a while

one-line linked haiku   december 23-26 2000


late night familiar sensation before a car lands off the road
the birds fed and the dishes washed and the floor unswept
with bright eyes and bushy tail nancy's kid talk: just say no
has the puritan poet dropped out of tanka for now
valley's edge in rain a tiny spring reveals itself
a neighbor refuses money for heavy-lifting

one-line linked haiku  december 24-26 2000


everything i have irreplaceable when broken
pretty sure of my views but what do i know
'born to be wild' a monkey with a jellyfish
press secretary after the broken hip reagan 'is fully alert'
'with god on our side' & no-god on their side the same dif
does the bitch too dream of heat in winter cold in summer

one-line linked haiku   december 23-26 2000


both george and i tear up while he resigns as governor
now that my paintings fill the house i could paint the roof
partial eclipse on cnn protection for eyes and cold feet
starved halfway decent stuff into junk food
interesting motions in the circumcised briefs
the rich comedian hangs on his every word

one-line linked haiku   december 24-26 2000


here alone without a holiday in sight
a simple belief in what i don't have to do
in my nest without the instinct
diana butterflies sweet on milkweed flutter in the light
freedom to link an old life to a run-down house in winter
not a clue what'll be in thoughts moment to moment

one-line linked haiku    december 28-31 2000


the world in a day of water fire ice & more mother natur
wind in the pines deer in a car's path car in a deer's path
i had to give up the haiku mags way before i got 'directv'
still a toss-up whether the prez is the prez
to live and die in india overnight
big award music of a white woman-hater

one-line linked haiku  janurary 12-31 2001  


my glass ceiling wooden purple and cobwebby
an orange extension cord in and out of the sun
cactus in the bathroom an old sheet for a curtain
cardless-carrying nobody just don't wanna bother w/nothing
almost everything i need in one room if i could find anything
after the usual adjustments the old pillows fit just right

one-line linked haiku  janurary 14-31 2001


a cold rain i don't need things i don't need just things i do need
rough & tough in the empty space of haiku advice & consent
nature clothes trowels trays flower & tomato seeds in my head

female ideas in dusty cupboards the study of wars
i yearn for spring for my well-traveled road
especially to winter 'weeds' hi pretties

one-line linked haiku  janurary 14-february 2 2001


a daddy & a little boy at my door between storms
i feel for the hired shooter haywire all his life
better friends after the divorce the kids happier
romance literature & picket fences even well done the harm
ten reasons not to fall head over heels green tips of a wild iris
liberation in the nature of nature in the art of artists

one-line linked haiku   janurary 15-february 3 2001


no fear to express dissatisfaction with haiku east and west
black ice & white ice carrier with mail i don't huff & puff to get
whatever cool ideology or weather forecast peer pressure
examples made of the poor of the radicals
her words all but ignored in the small gathering
but would peltier be safe on the outside


one-line linked haiku   august 25-september 1 2001

the dorothy connection

'raw nervz haiku' a journal edited by dorothy howard

one-line linked haiku  august 25-september 1 2001


one crow's laid out the morning rules for us all
ad aimed at old people's money crawls the skin
this is not your alaska dubya
after the gullywash a metal mattress embedded in the creek bed
hidden alive in a closet a little girl's body draped with her adults
to share i tone down creativity for the high-strung moderator

one-line linked haiku  august 26-september 1 2001


told the pornographic image is sexy still i have to look away
half of the politician's double life titillates the ratings game
no thin line between sex and sexism the little boys still giggle
' . . . from kent whose dick was so long that it bent'
couched in lust & love misnamed a crime of passion
imagine a threesome with brad pitt & tom cruise

one-line linked haiku  august 25-september 1 2001


the power back on the plan decreases
whites and purples lean into the touch-me-nots
the day brightens one wren's song to another
a hug from the kid as he talks about some electronic game
well if she has them he's got to have a pair of round heels too
whatever their orientation the child finds a caring home

one-line linked haiku  august 25-september 1 2001


midday lilies drive me into the heat of a late afternoon bed
to get through humidity to be unprepared for a winter's life
in a prison until forever another black child america fears
etched in my mind the last icy-traveled road
joe camel put out to pasture without the execs
all the chemicals to make it a rose

one-line linked haiku  august 25-september 1 2001


taliban females will 'saturday night specials' help
'judgment day' a slap in my little-girl face
can tell by looking his peace sign a fake
to protect the purity of haiku one solution to be pissed at mine
their examples with alice and edith america's laughing matter
if mother nature is real if she's angry if i'm real am i angry

one-line linked haiku  august 26-september 1 2001


the waterfall haiku so romantic it belongs in a tourist trap
mobile home a week's work of old pines striped from the hill
a sandwich of hardly anything to stay far away from town
throws herself away with a man who trashes her
whatta relief old helms about paddled out
nothing's worked try wine into groundwater

one-line linked haiku  august 25-september 1 2001


town square the fountain makes me want to pee
unnoticed the cicadas suddenly quiet
'breaking news' even shatters the talking head
the deer and i used to so much a rusty pickup without a muffler
a failure he turns to conservative talk radio an instant success
never a dull moment the master alert for 'nothing special'

one-line linked haiku  august 25-september 1 2001


balls run down and smashed by the nipple-clad venus
the first blackberries screw up our arms and mouths
sharp as a tack the corporate lawyer's tactics against nature
brilliant move a spicebush flits to the butterfly bush
rephrased by the editor a novice poem accepted
bleeding edge grandmothers of the disappeared

1m tennis great venus williams

one-line linked haiku  august 25-september 1 2001


whose was the first tail on a coin
morning she puts on her face he takes his off
just three stooges now a world of fake wrestlers
back to school no thanks i'm still unlearning as much as i can
so used to the heat i forget to turn on the new 10 dollar fan
agents let the house burn the suspect dead as a doornail or flown

one-line linked haiku   august 26-september 1 2001


less and less i live with though the house full of junk
a government check from a better government thanks in advance
so much to be done don't wanna do this or that the whole day
why not a sweet art that scares shit out of us
fallen leaves an illness one survives a while
in the shade a place for raw nerves

one-line linked haiku  february 15-20 2002

tarnished gold

cloudy day in the little pond more bull than frog
after an afternoon in the dirt a weird movie
were you profiled little brother
police state on its way gossip says 9/11 devised for that purpose
a chill in the valley turns cold a pileated all i saw or cared to see
art by a mouse a dream home and trees and a moon and flowers
odor of summer in the hand lotion but it does nothing for pain
frost just tips the mountain i don't get his anger toward me
the mail carrier's thank you on yesterday's thank you note
will someone in japan throw up on the younger
a crackdown on religion rather than nature
to get there i hoe the road that gets me there
last day of mothering crazy of course mother yates
lucky to be tired
the patch-to-be defined by old bricks
i forgot to look for the moon but know it's around the bend
crematory grounds skin and bones not meant to rest in peace
tattered pampas grass clings to the tattered wind at dusk

26m andrea yates on trial for killing her children
33m site and sight in noble georgia february 2002

one-line linked haiku    february 22-28 2002


untidy says the warmonger the wrongful deaths in afghanistan
oh the games people play on nature beneath turf snow & water
her skin removed in the book in the movie in the discussions
silence closed on a patch of mist
first crocus as if it were the very first
in each painting red shapes the home
as i leave my thoughts alone they return to earth
no energy to listen to dubya's clean energy policy
hard to believe peace is the goal in israel
don't bring your gods on this land don't take 'em to other lands
the deer have yet to show themselves a cold snap predicted
cup of hot coffee neglected in the heat of their kigo argument
some comfort in the dark hollow as the wind blows me closer
he as a vampire so unkinky i couldn't help but laugh & turn off
dna results free the man fifteen years of a southern prison
a phoebe's yet to phoebe other answers unneeded
bedsprings and barbed wire under the bridge
from the old roof the drip-drip of february

one-line linked haiku    march 9-11 2002
[6/6 pattern]

butterflies not war

a few deer prints help pack the damaged earth
from on high a shadow followed by its screech
true love in the little pond
dry spell reeds seem to be waiting for anything to hatch
in a cooler at the run-in worms packed in styrofoam cups
barn door gone the team of mules still hangs together

one-line linked haiku    march 11-13 2002
[6/6 pattern]

under the microscope

a swarm of men after another swarm of men
in the mist of everything a phoebe returns
a happy home in spite of its looks
for the time being in 'condition yellow' a grey rain continues
will towers rise again to prove america's still the moral architect
cold and windy still room on the tattered leaves to tatter

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