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one-line linked haiku (a rhymga)    may 31-august 9 1999

doggerel day afternoon

too soon a hailed quarterly in the mail 
doe's coon's other prints pondside where's the heron i mothered
shirt scented with famous sweat its net-worth
what style the golden-haired boy better looking older and bald
nuclear stuff i spy you spy we all spy what's new
 north south east west whose traditional values beginning when
dreary place a republican rear between 2 ears
'what a fine mess you've gotten us into' pushers of three-lines
stunted gourds milkweed fragrance feeds the air
fingers crossed no water no further rape of earth's moon grrr
talk about drought a sink of thin red dishes
with no particular goal or skill i archive things close to art

  23m) oliver hardy 29m) lunar prospector w/shoemaker's ashes to crash

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Sunday at Four 8:2 2000; Still website May 2001

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