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OTHER RENS  [book one]
part one: well that's life
1 sad bad mad glad
january 23-24 1999 Frogpond 22:21999
2 sleep peep keep deep
3 fun sun gun/pun none
4 duck muck buck fuck
5 straight wait fate late

6 tease breeze sneeze geez
7 dream stream beam scheme
8 stuff gruff guff huff enuff fluff
9 mom zombie pom pom bomb qualm tom tom
10 repent meant spent bent content sent
part two: true friends
1 neat repeat complete seat greet heat
renrepeat in How to Haiku, Bruce Ross, Tuttle, 2002
2 prone condone alone stone moan/mown sown/sewn
3 shout pout tout clout doubt spout
4 fire tire acquire liar flyer/flier mire
5 wrong belong strong song prong/dong gong/Hong Kong
6 snow blow know slow owe low
7 steal/steel wheel deal real/reel she'll feel
part three: a palette of colors
1 violet met fret pet debt het-up
2 blue clue flew/flue/flu glue sue/Sue moo
3 green lean canteen halloween umpteen mean
4 yellow fellow mellow jello bellow hello/o hell
5 orange strange arrange derange mange range
6 red bled bed lead/led dread fled

book 2
part 1: kicking up heels
1 ghost coast toast boast post most
Lynx april 2000
2 crone lone drone tone own flown
3 hone shone/shown bone zone prone moan/mown
4 wren omen den when fen amen
Poetry In The Light website
5 bug smug/smuggler tug pug mug shrug
6 tin win pin sin Schwinn fin
7 ward bored/board cord/chord smorgasbord backward onward
8 chestnut strut smut what slut glut
part 2: into all worlds
1 pixie flax Tex pox sex flux
2 nix hex Tampax toxic tux relax.
3 Ike/Mike stroke rake rebuke snake viking
4 jukebox duke choke flake fluke token
Haiku Light March 2000
. 5 eke/eek poke sleek strike lake joke
6 plunk/kerplunk junk shrunk hunk/hunky-dory spunk/spunky trunk
part 3: lucky again
1 patch witch gotcha ditch hutch etch
2 bitch crotch dutch wretch watch fetch
3 kitchen hatchet clutch botch notch latch
4 sniff proof muff stiff spoof relief
5 heifer waffle Jeff reef differ/different baffle
6 craft buff/buffoon effort raft eft off

book 3
part 1: sparks
1 spark cork quirk dork Clark perk
2 bookmark hark/lark berserk mark smirk murky
3 improvise refuse/refuse recluse Japanese because encase/encasement
4 increase promise praise clause moose caboose
5 abuse haikuese purpose propose appease/appeasement please
6 scribe/inscribe globe freebie jibe/gibe tribe cube
7 Quebec Mabel tube robe lobe grebe
Haiku Canada 2000
part 2: bridge lights
1 transvestite site/sight delight blight might night
2 trite tight rewrite bite spite/in spite of finite
3 sleight/slight fight plight graphite stalagmite malachite
4 saturate delicate eliminate await classmate corroborate
5 date straight chocolate operate freight migrate
6 retaliate radiate emulate vibrate create irate
part 3: confetti to sweep up

1 Kalamazoo boo shampoo woo merci beaucoup pooh-pooh/poo-poo/Poo
2 too yahoo hullabaloo zoo bamboo taboo
3 coo igloo well-to-do tattoo coop two
Frogpond 23:3 2000
4 Seurat acrobat habitat aristocrat splat cat
Lynx february 2001
5 vat photostat combat diplomat thermostat lariat
6 cravat plat/plait theocrat flat laundromat tit for tat
7 Kodak unpack quack pyromaniac almanac aphrodisiac
8 bric-a-brac plaque snack zodiac kleptomaniac kayak
9 backpack demoniac hack smack aback lilac

TRIO OF WRENS [book four]
part 1: bound together
1 misadventure wrencher indenture clencher venture quencher
2 bencher bedrencher censure intrencher/entrencher denture debenture

3 hewn spittoon balloon pontoon cocoon bestrewn
4 maroon immune tycoon cartoon macaroon harpoon
5 commune impugn moon June monsoon bassoon
6 stone inkstone throne chaperone microphone disown
7 overgrown xylophone postpone thrown unknown telephone
8 curbstone moonstone backbone cone loan cologne
part 2: forever & tomorrow
1 traveler slur chauffeur emptier posterior coriander
2 register customer massacre idolater barrister borrower
3 widower thermometer trespasser monitor ulterior scimitar
4 swan icon silicon yawn Oberon Saskatchewan
5 Amazon withdrawn phenomenon chiffon iguanodon dawn
6 pentagon/Pentagon heron upsilon gone scone anon
7 aqueous Pegasus exodus truss numerous carnivorous
8 viscissitudinous voluptuous amorous continuous fuss thunderous

9 cavernous globulous hilarious discuss indigenous us
part 3: yin/yang in a whirl

1 feminine/masculine mandolin chin aspirin tambourine crystalline
2 origin discipline mannequin din Boleyn thick and thin
3 tailspin elephantine grin saccharin sibylline zeppelin
4 A.W.O.L. lapel rondel/rondelle upswell downhill Nell/knell
5 refill thrill Whoville squill rebel chlorophyll
6 diving bell dispel Emmanuel philomel versatile farewell

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