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one-line linked haiku   march 17 1990-october 23 1992


news headline about sonia: forget lib, she wants anarchy
unable to grow a baby he's chosen war is hell of a good time
secretary's day a flower and more dicktation for the typissed
less energy now to push beyond `signs' to quit
propaganda treekilling a career to hell with owls
i have come to destroy the works of god *
sex tourism yeah tour them jerks off the pretty face of earth
not over the blues i find a hole with a green sock to it
friendly fire from smart (ass) bombs
home front dangerous cholesterol level the poems hang inside
both right hands washed 100s of 1000s cling to his `slippery slope'
embarrassed again to admit i write haiku with no chance to explain (yikes)more(fake)freedom(like:us)global(dream-on-sucker)talk(shows)
you're very welcome i could not have made it this far without myself
red dot on white ache of clean heculture to control dirty shenature
still able to admit anger is art
hard now to say earth fire water air
new paintings: femail boxes and junk male

*after jesus: 'i have come the destroy the works of the female' as quoted by clement of alexandria in the 'gospel according to the egyptians.' r. e. witt, 'isis in the greco-roman world,' london, thames and hudson, 1971

Lynx 8:2 1993
[mistakes corrected on later separate sheet]

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