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book (c) 1998

one-line linked haiku 1  march-december 1990

this lifetime

did you like me take a wrong turn when young
to translate wompoems into japanese
personal copier 'great mad mothers' on the move
earth day hard work on my land the world in fragments
not enough reds invented to express this woman's frustrations
all of the unwanted daughters all of their kept-hidden ideas
will they upsidedown our homes declare things unapplepie
professionals not professional bottom line time is money
kenichi leaves by greyhound a ton of my rambling words
so few places for honest nature
stick pins in their at-any-cost-save-maleface
another lesbian community forms
i just wanna be rootical
chaoscoswommos unsheveils her womiverse
hard to hold back dreams of a new nest
they refuse to defend any actions of the other gender
midnight i begin to pour out my vision to another hag
seems impossible to gather 22 years of ever-changing haiku

Frogpond 1991

one-line linked haiku 3 december 1992-august 1993

longer than yesterday

'a heart attack waiting to happen' today longer than yesterday
they play spit in the ocean make that 26 million gallons of oil
at his birth 1 year ago tonight 'why wasn't i a grandmother first?'
wendy talks of buying a gun wearing it using it
more rain mother nature and i disagree
he 'what's wrong with women' she 'men'
dirty dirty i feel dirty spring onion sets
beneath the killing field bird goddess
warning adult female haiku xx-rated
paintings hung i declare myself 'crone without a cause'

years of need resolve she dreams of sex with her mother
babe music begins before the camera finds the babe
no chance to hug young mark good-bye the quilt now larger
the heat another dear jane i don't know what i'm doing begun
our rivers 1/3 polluted or 2/3 ok lakes 1/2 polluted or 1/2 ok
just a torso in the rapist's trunk
marija finally an archeologist i can love
kicks but no kisses for the 'comfort women'

5m) book title  12)m nbc's 'reasonable doubts'

Point Judith Light october

one-line linked haiku 3   august 1-3 1998

startled to be

almost free from family values
when memory goes repeat yourself
worn out from no tornado
viagraless 'ditech funding' solved all his 'problems'
a bump of brown & white on the road 'let dead dogs lie'
too easy to shut up and get lost wwwdothardtofinddotorg
she's allowed to abort what was forced by her brother
affirmative action passive aggression cultural diversity
must underwear be clean at home where most accidents occur
on welfare lead poisoning
freedom of airing tit if it's for tat
i love nature's walls closing in on me
pneumonia can 'lamb chop' cry alone
other-worldly linda tripp you are not me
up late a lost war on tv
often a thank you to 'eric's solitaire sample' male voice
79624 female prisoners 2 more baby girls placed wrongly
no road rage on the rocky road to my 'healing garden'

7m) tv ad  13m) 12-year-old  26m) shari lewis (1934-1998)

Haiku Canada Newsletter fall 1998

one-line linked haiku 4  august 5-9 1998

hardly a nature

hardly a nature program when only males pass on the genes
blanket immunity starr has his star glad i can't pay taxes
if i had a soul i'd bare it if i had a secretary to bear w/me
shirt pocket with seeds to washer to clothesline
just who's buying fake viagra on the web
trained by the morning glares by dusk
'war against women' from male fear
child welfare florida cares less the humidity
new password helpdesk selects artistically
after mm: empty email box i pick mac icons on the way back
embassy bombings again at half-mast 30000 threats a year
such lust for a wayside iris that pale yellow opens up at home
lists of the top ten poets would read like a who's that again
for generations moon & cherry blossom have needed vacations
i've yet to get over the double thrill of post-menopause
my aria a friend comments 'saw you talking to yourself'
everything on tv tonight seems rude
sleepless katydids keep running their legs
more mutations & we progress to lucy's ancestors


one-line linked haiku 5     august 10-14 1998

enclosed find

5 pieces missing the matisse jigsaw puzzle still art
july the world's hottest month under the rug
when they return to vietnam the men cry
for a bicycle a little girl killed and molested by little boys
that survivalist just over the mountains still outwits the agents
yet kind to the listener of my gripe re ssa/ssi 5 & dime policy
missionary work the preacher with a diamond mine in africa
reporter sleeps with someone to learn who sleeps with whom
turn off light i remind him not to waste mother nature's energy
an unexpected rose but not in time for rose
a big catfish caught and released evening cool
somewhere in the clutter ideas of a life
bob woodward: there are never enough leaks
weather report out to watch the tornado watch
we arrange each other in a garden with no snapdragons
caller id enhanced call waiting touch tone hardly anyone calls
the less i know about haiku/renga the more i know about nature
never confused about baby & bathwater thrown in from nowhere

7m) murder charge (dropped september 1998)
20m) rose wanjiku, survived from friday thru monday august 10 1998

Raw Nervz Haiku 5:3 1998

one-line linked haiku 6    august 15-19 1998

can't stand sitting

america i stand by her man i stand by her i can't stand sitting by
the ground so dry-cracked the heavy rain is hardly rain at all
brother sister and I cling anniversary of mama's death
she has to clean the kitchen before an emergency call for him
if i watered the '71 green shag an indoor garden
rusty toyota truck without a muffler so far so good
'hey there you with the stars in your eyes'
preying mantis without a male head
to reporters: quit your day job & get a life
problems no longer problems but issues
brakes fail at the airport one flies one pumps all the way home
now with everything under the sun put behind us our big asses
her mother's regeneration within animals of our great goddess
age spots the favorite mole just above my breasts a 3rd nipple
a fortune turned down 2 billion credit cards mailed in a year
400 straw bales still on lay-a-way those 'wolves' at my heart
haiku is as haiku isn't as haiku is
can an 11-year-old buy a pregnancy test
madeleine albright's hero 'xena'

12m) 'hey there!' words and music by jerry ross & richard adler
29m) a 100-year-old renewable resource method for homes & other structures

one-line linked haiku 7    august 19-23 1998


i let fear of privacy loss get the best of me
'technology to bring the mountain to the ocean'
not of course new stone i name the era paleoclay
marija marija marija 'how wonderful a sound . . . say it loud'
ideas continue to rain some of the clothes dry in the basket
he blather of history i couldn't exaggerate enough to even up
not unlucky to get radical to uproot to root out to find roots
ps even tho i always say i in haiku i like it when you say I
stockless 'so much going on from lewinsky to russia to ...'
'information detectives' i have some deep info for you
outside the beltway newts in my little pond
my birthday card to her unsigned unsent
babyless 'prom mom' i can't let go of that voice
'my bonnie lies over the ocean' a little rain will do us
called tomboy why not tomgirl tho both deter
world 'heightened state of awareness' a leanback chair a haiku
new pollution for 2nd oldest river 'mad mother earths' nearby
hard to comprehend when media explain it before during & after

4m) gloria orenstein, author and professor  7m) for the late dr marija gimbutas, archeologist and ucla professor; based on 'maria' from 'west side story,' lyrics by stephen sondheim, music by leonard bernstein  13m) radical: 1. arising from or going to a root or source, 'the american heritage dictionary'  17m) 'global market turmoil' 8/21/98, cnn reporter  33m) painting series shown in watauga county, north carolina where the 'new river' runs thru

Amelia 1999

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