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one-line linked haiku   august 29-september 2002

la planète bleue

if there's enough oil in it someone's gonna care
whatever war means besides hell it's popular
draped in secrecy plans to god the world
thanks mother nature for neander valley art as yet unearthed
scene of the crime shifts from one little girl to the next little girl
wouldn't care if the whole dang government quit to plant irises
beneath clothespins thoughts from yesterday
spider plant seeds tiny and black fall thru the cracks
not yet autumn labor day & back-to-school overrule
tutored during the trial young brothers found guilty of 2nd-degree
usa's 'elevated alert' elevated to 'high' yellow to orange chatter
the drought continues the porch light off early to find pieces of dew
friday the 13th terror-talk 'hoax' watch your humorous mouth
garden tools in the truck bed in case they've energy to be used
his kingdom for this new puddle i don't think so
words just tumble out too broken to get back into the mind's pool
less jerk-off sessions with images of his acts death row for the dickhead
tho the bible's translated into pig latin still chicken little's without hope

Raw Nervz Haiku 8:2 2002


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