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[2 w/adele kenny]


one-line linked haiku one  november 1984-september 1987
6/6/6/6/6/6 pattern

to protest to protest

hungry to talk with a woman to protest to protest in haiku
in men's jeans i head home knowing i've been ripped off again
insistent the new york times miss steinem of ms. magazine
god damn testicles of god he carries
after her story the refugee cries
free of master of masterpiece
when i think of sex now she says i think of women
police shoot into a crowd of mourners police shoot into
russian bullshit/propaganda in it at least there's hope
send him back to hollywood to pretend nice guy
a link african aids and infibulation
$18 billion to save our water if it can be done
not ready to hear a woman sing until i've heard her scream
his sentence interrupted we don't like to be called ladies
fearing her and all women he rapes her and all women
each day each night losing my patriarchal mind
within woman only power to reshape the world
fall equinox the spiralution is on

the times has since changed its policy regarding 'ms.'--perhaps
haiku can make a difference

Wind Chimes #23


one-line linked haiku two     december 1987-january 1990 ?

all my female life
6/6/6/6/6/6 pattern

spiritually and mentally abused all my female life
your talk of rose crystals the healing words of a woman
larger than the universe our shebeing ourselves
the sadness in my eyes
it's said we're self-hating
to go to be beyond my raising
so much to sort through they got defensive and left
ah nature you are so pleasant and pretty so haiku-like
i seem to be waiting for something with no idea what it is
a good fuck don't fix nothin
female energy sucked
now that the world is over i've got to be my own nature
haiku by women and women's haik a womoverse apart
our journey out of the deeply damaging male 'culture'

[mm: adele chose not to finish or publish her haiku just 2 links
shy of completion]

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