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OTHER RENS  [book one]
his new used dump truck my new used down-in-the-dumps mood
just as the movie starts a damn link needed

my second-hand smoke well that's life
prayer in the senate to a non-god for bipartisanship
missionary style taken to new heights go screw yourselves
a 'mad/up word' pricktriarchy no longer adequate
female ideas in the midst of old-fogy fogs and smogs
prepared to cover my ears and open my mouth
Frogpond 22:21999

bombs and bullshit fly thru air waves darkness creeps into spring
too tired to change i bed down with part of the flower bed
brother watched grandmother undress my little eyes still closed
surveillance camera a priest on the prowl
morning coffee another new term to absorb 'identity elimination'*
time skips an hour 'let's don't and say we did'**
*for ethnic cleansing if that weren't bad enough  **daylight savings time

haiku's nothing special seems hardly profound lightness of ferns
odor of nature-crevicing fills my skull with passion
fun & a life's work ahead the rens whoever starts can choose
crone's hair unbrushed for days i giggle at myself
steep slope transplants mulched for tomorrow's rain or no rain
tanning salon trailer one pays to get melanoma
freedom to arm bears even countries where women can't bare arms
i'd put the jerk in a gunny sack and let snipes hunt
nothing in my past suggests what i would create yet everything
when love runs out there's no love to miss
i didn't know to duck as a haiku cock lashed out with his fan
poor daisy second billing to one of the donalds
in last year's muck tiny flowers whose color i've now forgotten
name-called nature humans don't like 'nasty weather'
free on the net how to butcher and literally eat young women
psychologically unable to balance the checkbook
earth fucked when males slow to learn formulated 1 + 1 = 3*
art uncensorable fuck protected by the high court
*overreaction to the discovery of paternity in neolithic times
arrowheads that missed the mark my favorite in the garden patches
moral compass yeah right not for at least 5000 years
if just one woman or 99 men would come along we could get this done*
waiters in nice not so nice nor the american tourists
*after Eudora Welty
fork in the road turned out to be a knife in the heart spoon-fed
psychic hotline will jesus come to fix the y2k bug
late enough for it to be early but not early enough for it to be
no periods no urine samples no moon calendar one freedom

these days i don't always know if i've repeated myself
linked forms still a confusion with word repetition
renrepeat in How to Haiku, Bruce Ross, Tuttle, 2002


purple butterfly bush begins to fade
in v  i  o  l  e  t rearranged there's the shape of itself
all the warnings even my own hardly scratched the surface
he'd always say shaking hands: glad you met me
i choose haiku to express concerns or haiku chooses me
at least there's the healing garden where i converse with dirt
unscreened kitchen window my little pretties the moths & spiders
country road drop-off another back-door kitten
what am i owed no debts except 2 friends all ideas given away
early art stolen or hidden from me relatively-controlled
intensely angry the more we learn more than we need to learn
most of the summer whatever between 2 pieces of bread
his eyes like his dad's his son's eyes light blue like these
when the blues hang around i hang in/out tough
just a hint tells me i can make a meaningful remark
one of my make-fun-of-haiku manners: high coup hai clue
one of those days when it feels the cuckoo flew over my nest
save money on heat yet that old flu fever
didn't occur to me back then that rabbit-skin glue is rabbit
star dust dna isn't it that holds us all together
surely that's summer sue: she sells seashells by the seashore
he cashed in on 'a boy named sue'
uncontented cattle at the slaughterhouse
neighbor's pen i yearn for what drops from the other end of moo
like hemlock and pine i'm rooted here as long as possible
i always forget to quit while i'm behind
that other stuff stuffed into fat-free
with so much jerking how is there anything left
old war movie the heroes and 'the girls'
fancy and plastic i've had nary a sip of the new-age versions
still on the front door from last year haunted house sign
nearly 30 years no spooks cross the bridge
reminded umpteen times that there's no place like this place
east coast florida and another hurricane name
mean or evil or ill the 'sociopath killer' wanted by the fbi
serena's tennis match i explain prejudice to young josh
'moon peaces : earth peaces' the moon coded as a yellow diamond
toe the line and our lives as women buried
in 'shetrillogy' we maytreearchs say 'fallow man'
five thousand years at the very least out-of-control testosterone
they mellow-out with 'our thoughts and prayers are with you'
i'm so cool no matter what the critics 'think'
kid snack j-e-l-l-o spooned right out of the box
as garrison keeler describes it a woebegone minnesota dessert
western haiku anything with an edge is an angry bellow ho hum*
*valerie solanas, the scum manifesto
renhello/reno hell
oh hell etc all those wasted years when not allowed to cuss
'up front after hello are you with us'
my snow-cone stand at 13 orange 1 of 23 flavors 7 for a nickel
blue in the refrigerator a forgotten bag of fruit
oddly enough a major in art all else at 17 so difficult-sounding
too strange in matsuyama my crossed-legged sitting
today things never arranged in the first place rearranged again
mother nature gets her hurricane just as she likes it
in trouble before he even read my poems a 'haikuist'
egolessness isn'tism here & now only at the end of one's nose
at the flea market a manger baby no one wants to touch
the heat not a bit interested in those other ways to skin a cat
enough computer stuff a hop & a skip a leap into the stuff of land
'don't fence me in' a waste of time trying
box of 6 red yellow orange female green purple blue male
'cadmium red deep' a hue i desperately long for
past tense in haiku can't be done i bled but did not die
unable to bleed the hard-edged green square
awake with my nature shirt still wrong-side out
bed snores even the little boy with hair cropped too short
who really started the commotion 'seven samurai' or the bandits or
inner-city kids inside lead-painted
along comes black ice just when it's not needed
what's he on what's he off the suspicious-looking loner
i did get out of dodge more than once even more than twice
no way to hurry their flight from the hurricane


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