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[w/zane parks]


one-line linked haiku       november 25 1997-march 18 1998

a bouquet

a party for dot comm
as kids we'd yell indian giver
up way earlier than early
if a 'god-module' is found must be a no-god module too
game and non-game not all the players know to shoot
out in the weather a bit still under the weather within
today minutes longer in this dark age of disinformation
long lost friend on the web how expensive my haiku now
anniversary sexualized little girl found sexualized
snow job & blow job & no job & law suit
'in april the maytreearchy marched'
an fbi category: recreational murder
dizzy wizard's little lizard gizzards
does falwell masturbate family values
snow piles up in the rusty truck bed
can't wait for poison ivy and the jewelweed to cure it
'i'd be on the lawn of the white house with a deer rifle'
poverty in the mountains with old apple trees: gatesgate

7m) view of an atheist on nbc news about actual research on temporal lobe
22m) from 'shetrillogy' (1987)
32m) lucianne goldberg, cnn/time 2/2/98


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