marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku
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one-line linked haiku   august 24 2002-february 21 2003

clipped hedges

slowdown in the garden patches as sleeves grow longer
spree in the same little breath as killer
something about no moths around the porch light that drew the wrens
with mist the taken-for-granted hills come into focus
if you gotta study old haiku settle there otherwise hang with yourself
the big bad men versus the big bad men
warm snap snapped pines and rolling soil in the bulldozer's mind
one 'unjustice' system overridden in one little place
unsnowed in at last but i couldn't pull away from tomorrow's snow in
what's with a patriarchal country called a she
stars & stripes duct tape the many nonlaughable things it can't fix
see you on mars if there's a mars left standing

24m death row pardons by outgoing governor ryan of illinois

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